Living 'Full'

Living ‘Full’

I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.”
John 15:11
Hubby and I watched the Charlie Brown Christmas special recently. A scene that struck me differently, is when Charlie goes to see Lucy at her therapy booth. He says, “I am in sad shape. I feel depressed. I know I should be happy but am not.” Lucy’s answer is that Charlie just needs to to be more involved. But my thought is, “Is more involvement the answer?”
Every year as the Christmas season approaches, I hear people begin saying, “We are so busy”, “This is such a busy time of year”, and so forth. One year God showed me leading a busy life, whether during the Christmas season or any other time of the year, was not helping me be happy. It actually was robbing me of the true reason for the Christmas season. 
I want to briefly share with you today how God showed me the difference between ‘BUSY’ and ‘FULL’ through acronyms. It has changed my viewpoint of how my calendar is filled up. 
BUSY’ is ‘Being Under Satan’s Yoke’
Whereas, ‘FULL’ is living a life ‘Fully Under the Lord’s Leadership’
What does this mean? It means God is in control of my calendar. Yes, there are times, especially during the Christmas season, my life is ‘FULL’. Yet, the difference is I am not scatterbrained and stressed. Each activity on my list has been prayed about, and only the ones that God has directed me to are on my calendar. 
Therefore, as we remember the birth of our Savior this Christmas season, may you take a few minutes to see if you are living a life of  ‘BUSY’ or one which God has made ‘FULL’.  

Dear Father, free my from the tyranny of ‘busy’ and help me to live ‘full’ this Christmas season.
Remind me that You came to bring joy and peace, not stress and hurry. Let me live ‘full’ for You. In Your name, Amen. 

Written by Dawn Whitmore

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