Salem Fields

A place where you belong.


Where we Belong through games, food and fun, Believe through worship and word and Become through service, encouragement, and huddles.


Any student in 9th grade through 12th grade. Everyone matters and we couldn't be more excited to see YOU!


We currently meet on Sunday Mornings at 9:30AM in the Student Room at our Live Campus. There is group time during the 11AM service.


We have weekly gatherings where we have fun and we learn about Jesus. It's pretty awesome! Throughout the year we also gather off-site for really cool social events like ULTRACAMP, Winter Retreat, MEGA FEST, Festival of Life, and other local outings. 


Yeah, join us! Bring a friend with you. Better yet, bring all of your friends with you, and there will be a ton more that you'll meet when you get here. 

have any more questions?

Let us know by filling out the form below. You can also e-mail us anytime at