• Spiritual Growth

    Going First

    Daring to go first can be awkward, but it's worth it for those behind you.
  • Devotional


    Jesus is no stranger to betrayal.
  • Spiritual Growth

    Spiritual Jiu Jitsu

    My journey in the martial arts began like so many others, watching Kung Fu films and Bruce Lee.
  • Devotional

    Let's Eat

    Three years of travel, laughs, pain, miracles, hardship, and family. This final meal with Jesus was the culmination of all those things and more.
  • Children

    God's Opinion Matters Most

    Down at the kids end of the table I couldn’t help but notice my 16-year-old daughter was getting frustrated. I couldn’t hear or see what was bothering her, but it was clear she was upset.
  • Devotional

    Muddy Feet

    We have wandered down a long road, bent away from God, every step extracting the joy that God created us for in a relationship with him.
  • Art

    Anatomy of an Easter Graphic

    Every message graphic we create at SFCC tells a visual story to give the viewer a visual concept before a word is ever spoken.
  • Life Style

    You Shop. Amazon Gives to SFCC

    AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support Salem Fields Community Church every time you shop.
  • Devotional

    Ending or Beginning

    John 12.12-15 The next day the great crowd that had come to the festival heard that Jesus was coming to Jerusalem.
  • Life Style

    Our Ears and Eyes

    It's Family Movie Night. What in the world are we going to watch?