21 Days of Prayer begins Sunday, May 28th. Our hope is that you will join us throughout these 21 days in making prayer a priority and that you will experience the power of prayer, and discover just how vital it is to our faith walk. Below you will find details in how to participate. If you have any questions, e-mail us at info@salemfields.com.


-Daily Morning Prayer at 6:30AM : beginning Monday, May 29th for 21 Days in the Cafe. To attend digitally via Zoom, click here!
(Or type 886 1344 0016 into "Meeting ID" in Zoom)

-Salvation Wall : to be added in the coming weeks and kept up all year long.

-Concert of Prayer Service : taking place Sunday, June 4th from 6PM - 8PM

-24-Hour Prayer Room : Open 24/7 for all 21 days of prayer. Can be accessed when facing the church on the right side of the building with PRAYER labeled on the door.

-Family Prayer Closet : Resource will be provided in the coming weeks by the Next Generation ministry to do within your homes.

-Healing Response Station : Will be a newly added response station during Sunday Services throughout the 21 days of prayer.


Let us know by filling out the form below so that we can be praying for you.