• Spiritual Growth

    Joy in The Valley

    Have you ever been in a circumstance in your life where it has been difficult for you to be joyful?
  • Spiritual Growth

    How to Explain Jesus to a Skeptic

    Many people think of Jesus as one option among religious figures. So how do you explain to someone what makes Jesus different? What evidence is there for Jesus as the Son of God?
  • Podcast

    Choosing Hope - When I Cannot See

    We are beginning our new series called “CHOOSING HOPE!” Even when you cannot see God's hand, hope is available. IN this service we will also be celebrating Biker Sunday.
  • Spiritual Growth


    When your heart strands you on a desert island, where do you turn?
  • Books

    Spring Reading List

    Who says you have to wait until summer to dive in to good books? Check out this Spring Reading List that will help your grow spiritually!
  • Spiritual Growth

    You Are Good Enough

    Do you ever struggle with feeling not good enough? Do you find yourself driving yourself crazy trying to work for the approval of others? The truth is it doesn't have to be this way.
  • Music

    My Song for the Season

    Has God ever spoken to you through a song? Whenever we are in a season, sometimes God speaks to us in a song.
  • Spiritual Growth

    5 Reasons Not To Lose Your Faith

    Sometimes we lose our faith for unnecessary reasons.
  • Podcast

    Easter 2019

    Spring has sprung and EASTER IS HERE! Without Jesus being raised from the dead, humanity would remain caught in the grip of hopelessness. This day, Resurrection Day, represents HOPE!
  • Spiritual Growth

    The Backslider in Heart

    The autopsy of a prodigal heart