• Devotional

    That Classic Car Style

    Some things are timeless no matter the era.
  • Devotional

    Racing Towards Encouragement

    Reflections on a half marathon.
  • Devotional

    What Would You Give to Be Perfect?

    Perfection is something that many of us chase in life, often at a cost. But perhaps there's another way to find our meaning.
  • Devotional

    What's That Smell?

    It might be surprising, but God may be asking the same thing.
  • Devotional

    Church: Like a Box of Chocolates

    A snapshot of how God values diversity within his church.
  • Devotional

    Memorial Day: Our Need to Remember

    Take time to pause this Memorial Day. And remember.
  • Devotional

    Let's Eat

    Three years of travel, laughs, pain, miracles, hardship, and family. This final meal with Jesus was the culmination of all those things and more.
  • Devotional

    Muddy Feet

    We have wandered down a long road, bent away from God, every step extracting the joy that God created us for in a relationship with him.


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