reBuild 2017

During the continuation of reBuild in 2017, we will focus on rebuilding our identity in Christ - on “The stone the builders rejected...” Join us each week at Gordon Road or watch online and because God is doing a “new thing."

2017 Small group materials

reBuild: reCap


History of Rebuild

In 2016, we are embarked on a brand new season at Salem Fields Community Church and we continue to invite you to be part of it. Take your place on the wall by giving to rebuild our Church and Smithfield, VA in order to reach the lost and our students in order to reach a new generation for Jesus. Below is your opportunity to take your place on the wall and leave a lasting legacy in expanding the kingdom of heaven.

There are a lot of places to invest your time and your money, but most of those are temporary. We are excited about an opportunity to invest our time and money in something that will make a difference for eternity. reBuild will require a sacrifice from each family in our church… Everyone doing what they can! We will be investing in:

  1. Students- we will resource our student ministry so we can reach more students
  2. Infrastructure- to continue using the building as a resource to reach people
  3. Smithfield- resource the underprivileged in the community and reach people for Christ


My 36-Month Commitment

For your convenience, this giving chart has been included to make it easier to estimate your total gift over the three-year campaign.


This is a defining moment in the history of the church. In order for Salem Fields Community Church to plan and move forward, giving estimates are necessary. This is a statement of intent and may be increased or decreased at any time. All gifts are kept confidential. Thank you!


Commitment Card

Therefore, I/We prayerfully commit to step out in faith, and pledge the following above my/our regular tithes and offerings