Message Podcasts


Revival: "He Is Lord"

22 Oct 2016
Steve Wingfield lives, eats, and breathes evangelism. Everybody who knows him would simply say, “That is who and what he is.” Invite a friend to watch!

Seasons: "Change"

16 Oct 2016
Like the predictable rhythms of winter, spring, summer and fall, change is a constant throughout our life span. Though we often resist it, change can lead to a richer quality of life when we navigate through with grace. In this message, we'll look at timeless truths that can carry us through the winds of change no matter what season of life we're in.

Seasons: "Storms"

9 Oct 2016
Do you ever feel like you're in the middle of the storms of life? All around you the winds of circumstance are blowing completely out of control. Join us in this message as we learn how to prepare for the storms of life and how to recover when the storm makes landfall on the shores of your life.

Seasons: "Understanding the Seasons"

2 Oct 2016
Vacations are over, the kids have gone back to school and the daily routines have resumed. Since your kids are back in school, why not come back to church, too? Besides being a great place for your kids to learn moral values, studies show attending church makes you healthier and happier!

Sound Check

25 Sep 2016
We all have a desire to be real. It's what God wants from us too. He wants us to bring everything that we are to meet everything that He is, and it often happens in worship. Lean in as Kurtis Parks shares a message that will challenge and inspire us on to a more authentic life of worship.

Abounding In Love

18 Sep 2016
We have the honor and privilege to host Pastors James and Charity Onwah of SFCC Nigeria. This marks James and Charity's first visit to the United States and they are excited to share with us what is going on in Nigeria.

Fan or Follower

11 Sep 2016
What if you woke up one day and didn't know who you were? Curiously, you saw pictures on the wall that seemed familiar, but for some reason you cannot make the connection. What if you were able to rediscover who you were and then choose your destiny? Invite a friend to watch and come to discover the secret of who we truly are and whether or not we are fans or followers

The Atmosphere Is Changing

4 Sep 2016
Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that". We are all atmosphere changers, affecting everyone and everything around us, whether positively or negatively. In this message, we will see what Jesus, the greatest atmosphere changer, has to say about the matter and how we can bring light and love to those around us.

The Game: "Shoots and Ladders"

28 Aug 2016
"Chutes and Ladders" is a game that illustrates life perfectly. In one move, we can land on the spot where the ladder takes us to the top of the board. In the next move, we can land on the spot that sends us down the chute back to the bottom of the board. The game of life is so similar - with determination and perseverance, we can rise back up to the top and win. Do you have the spiritual grit and strength that it takes to win in the game of life’s chutes and ladders?

The Game: "Operation"

21 Aug 2016
In the game "Operation" the point of the game is to remove objects from the game board without setting off the patients' buzzer causing his nose to light up. It takes a steady hand and patience as you try to carefully take the tiny tweezers to remove the charlie horse out of the patients leg. We all need to have a spiritual operation in our life. Just like the game card that shows us what item we need to remove, God shows us the things that we need to remove from our life. The Game is ours to win if we allow God to show us how to operate on ourselves. Do you have what it takes?