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Identity: "Identity Theft"

15 Jan 2017
Have you ever noticed the labels we place on ourselves and others? One of the first questions we ask is "What do you do?" We begin to believe who we are is based on what we do, or what we own, or how we feel or what religious affiliation we have. So how can we find our real identity? Join us in this message as we begin a new series called “IDENTITY” to explore and discover our true, authentic God-design.

Revival: "Jesus Is Coming Back"

11 Jan 2017

Revival: "Weakest Link"

10 Jan 2017

Revival: "Minute To Win It"

9 Jan 2017

Revival: "Prophets Part 1"

8 Jan 2017

Revival: "Prophets Part 2"

8 Jan 2017

Revival: "Lets Make a Deal"

7 Jan 2017

For The Broken

1 Jan 2017
What if feeling broken was a choice? What if we could begin 2017 with hope and a plan for success? Watch as we explore one of the greatest stories ever told in a new way and find out if God has a better plan for the New Year.

Christmas Eve

24 Dec 2016
It's Christmas again at SFCC! Come join us as we celebrate Jesus' birth with a unique experience that you'll only find at SFCC. You won't want to miss "The Innkeeper's Dream". Elvis may even make an appearance! Invite your friends and neighbors to watch!

Uncluttered: "Family"

18 Dec 2016
We are finishing our Uncluttered series this weekend by looking at the clutter of family relationships. Join us in this message as we discover how to unclutter those family relationships that cause us pain and frustration so we can enjoy the peace of Christmas.