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19 Oct 2017
HOW BIG IS YOUR GOD? Words really aren’t big enough to answer that question. But His mystery begins to unfold when people come together to worship Him.

The New Normal: Uncertainty

12 Oct 2017
This week we conclude the series on the New Normal. In light of everything that has happened recently it is fitting that this week we talk about uncertainty. The New Normal is that no one knows what is going to happen next. People are reacting in all kinds of ways trying to make sense of the chaos. We want to protect ourselves and our neighbors, but we don’t know how, because we don’t know what is coming. We are going to explore whether the Bible can really help guide us in these uncertain times.

The New Normal: Protesting Injustice

5 Oct 2017
If we watch the evening news or peruse social media , it doesn't take long to see and hear angry voices protesting almost everything. Yet behind the scenes, there are millions of people, with quieter voices living out lives of personal freedom and service to others. What makes the difference between the two? This week we explore how the Bible says to "Protest Injustice" as we continue our series, "THE NEW NORMAL".

The New Normal: Marriage

28 Sep 2017
We live in a "post-truth" culture. "Post-truth" means people use opinion, feelings and popularity as their standard for making life decisions. In this series, "The New Normal," we're looking at some timeless truths of the Bible that our culture has rewritten for personal benefit. This week we will be exploring "Marriage."

The New Normal: Authority

21 Sep 2017
We live in a world that hates authority, hates to follow the rules, hates being told what to do and hates to submit. Join us as we continue our series, “The New Normal”, where we'll discover the importance of living under authority.

The New Normal: Social Media

14 Sep 2017
We are starting a new series called "The New Normal." Over the next few weeks we are going to look at some New Normals in our culture today and what the Bible says about these changes. We will kick the series by looking at the New Normal in how we communicate.

HIdden Things

7 Sep 2017
Did you know that God has some hidden things He wants to share with you about your life and the circumstances you may be facing? Join us as we discover the key to uncovering those hidden things.

Lifeguards - Impacting Community

31 Aug 2017
More than ever, our world needs people to join together in healthy, life-giving ways to impact our communities. This series, LIFEGUARDS, has emphasized life "guards", that when put in place, produce healthy people, healthy families, and healthy churches. Join us as we explore how we can impact our communities by being a shining light of hope in our world. SFCC stands together by choosing God's love. #WeChooseLove

Lifeguards - We Are Church

24 Aug 2017
One glance at the news and you know that something is going terribly wrong in society today. Fear and anger are dragging people under, and we need lifeguards now more than ever. The lifeguard series continues this weekend when we talk about the next step from a healthy person, and a healthy family. What if God created natural lifeguards for our world? What would they look like? Come and find out what God’s lifeguards look like.

Lifeguards - My Family

17 Aug 2017
Family is something we all have in common, designed by God to give safety and security to its members. Yet family relationships can also be tough. Join us as we continue our series “Lifeguards” and look at some important ways to guard the heart of our family.