Children's Ministry 10 Minute Message - Waiting

May 24, 2020
• Length: 00:09:13
In this Children's Ministry mini-message, Reenie talks about Waiting for Promises.

Everything's Changed - Part Five

May 17, 2020
• Length: 1:01:24
Sadly, a quick glance at Facebook or other social media platforms indicates that we live in a world of broken promises. We feel let down by politicians and relationships. Broken promises everywhere we look. How then can we possibly trust promises made over 2000 years ago? Join us in this episode and find out how God’s promises can not only be believed but will also be life changing.

Children's Ministry 10 Minute Message - Promises

May 17, 2020
• Length: 00:09:49
In this Children's Ministry mini-message, Reenie talks about Promises.

Student Ministry 10 Minute Message - Promises

May 17, 2020
• Length: 00:06:48
In this Student Ministry mini-message, Tone talks about Promises.

Everything's Changed - Part Four

May 10, 2020
• Length: 01:11:26
Forgiveness holds power unlike anything else. It’s transforming, freeing, and redemptive. Join us in this episode as we get a front row seat to the apostle Peter experiencing it first hand and we’ll learn how we too can be changed by the power of forgiveness. Our series “Everything’s Changed” continues and you don’t want to miss it!

Everything's Changed - Part Three

May 03, 2020
• Length: 00:54:16
2000 years ago, after Jesus' crucifixion, the Disciples would have been shouting, 'Everything's Changed!' Of course, we believe Jesus rose from the dead, but we still often shout, 'Everything's Changed!' The Disciples were scared & frustrated, so they went back to what they normally did - fishing. Jesus showed up and 'Everything Changed!' Join us in this episode as we look at this beautiful picture of Jesus' 3rd appearance to His Disciples after He rose from the grave!

Everything's Changed - Part Two

Apr 26, 2020
• Length: 01:07:45
Everything’s changed as we have known it over the past month. When we experience change it can bring with it all kinds of thoughts and feelings. A couple of feelings we tend to deal with are doubt and uncertainty. Could it be possible when we feel uncertain or doubtful during times of change, that Jesus could be trying to speak to us? Join us in this episode and discover what Jesus wants us to learn during times when everything has changed.

Everything's Changed - Part One

Apr 19, 2020
• Length: 01:03:43
“Everything’s changed.” Wouldn’t you agree? With so many recent changes in our lives come so many concerns, and it’s enough to make your head spin. But did you know that Jesus’ disciples faced similar uncertainty and anxiety after the resurrection of Jesus? At first, none of them really understood that Jesus had risen from the dead. But by the end of 40 days, Jesus visited each of them, changed their minds, and initiated another change they did not expect— a change in THEM. In the midst of a crazy time in history, these initially scared and disappointed men and women were transformed into courageous people who went on to bear the good news of Jesus around the world. Join us in this episode for the first installment of our new 7-week message series “Everything’s Changed” with a look at how an unexpected detour becomes the very road where God shows up. And be sure to bring a pen and paper to draw along.

Pyramid Of Faith - What Does God Want?

Apr 12, 2020
• Length: 01:02:48
Join us online this Holy Week for exciting opportunities to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus!

Pyramid Of Faith - What Does God Look Like?

Apr 05, 2020
• Length: 00:58:13
The building may be closed, but church is still on! Join us in this episode as we continue the series "Pyramid of Faith."


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