So Long

Mar 22, 2020
• Length: 01:12:13
Even though plans for this weekend's service and celebration of Buddy and Gaye have been changed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we will still worship together online with music and Buddy and Gaye will deliver their final message to SFCC. We will also share in communion together towards the end of the service and close out with a short thank you to Buddy and Gaye.

Finishing The Puzzle - Anthony Poindexter

Mar 15, 2020
• Length: 01:07:04
You have the potential of being everything God has called you to be, however, you have one thing that’s holding you back. It's a piece of the puzzle that God is trying to use to finish a great puzzle that is your life. Join us in this episode to find the missing pieces of the puzzle.

No Matter What - Pastor Michele Hofmann

Mar 09, 2020
• Length: 01:15:19
Trusting God no matter what is something he wants us to do throughout our whole life. It's often a lot easier said than done though. Join us in this episode as we look at the story of Moses, learning how he trusted God no matter what and so can we.

Parting Words - Stepping Forward By Faith

Mar 01, 2020
• Length: 01:24:18
Down through history, the message of God has been spoken for humanity through vision. This week in our series, Parting Words, we will look at how attention to the unseen ways of God matter more than those things we can see with our eyes.

Parting Words - I See Dead People

Feb 23, 2020
• Length: 01:25:19
In this episode, we are going to discover what Parting Words have to do with dead people.

Parting Words - What Matters To God

Feb 16, 2020
• Length: 01:17:25
When Jesus left His disciples and ascended to Heaven to prepare a place for all who trust in Him, He left them with some parting words. He wanted them to remember and carry forward what was most important. In this series, Buddy & Gaye are sharing their Parting Words as they close their 25 year ministry at SFCC.

Parting Words - God Loves Nobodies

Feb 09, 2020
• Length: 01:16:40
Parting words can be emotional, encouraging, compelling and challenging. During this series, Buddy and Gaye would like to relay to you some parting words as their final day approaches here at SFCC. We hope it will inspire and encourage you to be your best for God long after our departure.

Trophies And Swords - Pastor Rich Green

Feb 02, 2020
• Length: 01:14:27
There are defining moments in life that shape us and make us who we are. Moments that increase our understanding of life and help us to learn what we're made of. But if we aren't careful we can start to deceive ourselves into thinking that what we did yesterday will sustain our todays and tomorrows, especially when it comes to our faith. Join us in this episode as we seek to make sure that the trophies we are collecting in life are bigger than anything this world has to offer and that our faith goes beyond the giants we slayed yesterday.

Release Your Roar

Jan 26, 2020
• Length: 01:16:58
Your voice, is your ROAR. We recently celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr., a gentle giant who had a big roar. His great cause, his personal risk, his ROAR made history and will impact humanity well into future generations. Everyone, no less, has a purpose and a voice that God wants to use for good. Yet too often fear and the storms of life paralyze us from risking new opportunities. It takes a leap of faith.

Hindsight - Pastor Jason Mueller

Jan 19, 2020
• Length: 00:48:27
They say that hindsight is 20/20, and that can be a good thing. But focusing too much on what's behind us can cause us to miss out on what's ahead. Let's finally put the guilt and shame of the past behind us, so we can clearly see the 20/20 vision God has for us.


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