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A Minor Setback For A Major Comeback

1 Mar 2017
We all have stories. Stories of triumph and stories of defeat. Stories of joy and stories of pain. Every frame of our life matters to God and He wants to use it all to magnify who He is...if we allow Him. Join us as we unpack the value of our testimony, the importance of our perspective, and how God is all about taking our minor setbacks and turning them into major comebacks.

Identity: "I Am Not My Religon"

22 Feb 2017
This week we conclude our series, "IDENTITY." Join in as we take a look at how even religion can be a stumbling block to finding our purpose and true identity. More importantly, we will celebrate where true identity is found.

Identity: "I Am Not What I Own"

15 Feb 2017
Join us as we discover how the “Rich Young Ruler” placed his identity and self-worth in his possessions and learn about the resulting consequences.

Football Sunday

8 Feb 2017
Join us for a special Football Sunday! Coinciding with the big game, football weekend is full of amazing testimonies from various NFL players and their families.

Identity: "I Am Not What I do"

29 Jan 2017
We continue our series, "IDENTITY", by looking at one of the most common ways our identity gets distorted. It's easy to believe that we ARE, what we DO. However, you are not your job title; your job doesn't define you. We are more than what we accomplish in our 8-to-5 work-world. Join in as we learn how to break the cycle of allowing our job/professional title to define our identity.

Celebration Service

29 Jan 2017
Celebration Service 01_29_2017

Identity: "Feelings"

22 Jan 2017
Have you ever noticed how we describe ourselves by our feelings - "I feel great"; "I feel like I can conquer the world!"; "I feel like a bad person"; "I feel like a loser." It can be one of the sneakiest ways we can miss living out our God-given identity. Join us in this message as we continue our series, "IDENTITY: Feelings" as we explore the role of our emotions in who God designed us to be.

Identity: "Identity Theft"

15 Jan 2017
Have you ever noticed the labels we place on ourselves and others? One of the first questions we ask is "What do you do?" We begin to believe who we are is based on what we do, or what we own, or how we feel or what religious affiliation we have. So how can we find our real identity? Join us in this message as we begin a new series called “IDENTITY” to explore and discover our true, authentic God-design.

Revival: "Jesus Is Coming Back"

11 Jan 2017

Revival: "Weakest Link"

10 Jan 2017