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Easter 2018 - Don't Be Fooled

5 Apr 2018
Easter 2018

Say What - Eat Me

29 Mar 2018
Jesus says, “Eat Me!” SAY WHAT?? Join us as we look at one of the most challenging and impossible “Say What” statements spoken by Jesus.

Say What - Don't Judge

22 Mar 2018
Jesus invites people to live in a way that leads to joy and freedom. Yet, taken at face value, His words seem impossible to live, like “love your enemies” and “don’t be anxious”. This week we will look at probably one of His most consistently broken and neglected commands yet, “Don’t judge...”. SAY WHAT?

Say What - Don't Be Anxious

15 Mar 2018
Jesus, in His own words, invites us to live by what is humanly impossible. “Say What?” It’s true, like, love your enemies; and this week, another ridiculous challenge, “Do not be anxious.” Join in as we face anxiety and fear head on!

Say What - Love Your Enemy

8 Mar 2018
This week we begin a new series called “Say What!” Just about the time we think we have Jesus figured out, He throws us for a loop with a statement that’s not only hard to understand, but even harder to swallow. This week we will look at “Love your enemies” - Say What? Seriously? Join us as we kick-off this challenging new series.

God Talk

1 Mar 2018
There is nothing worse than an awkward silence. You know, that moment when you are just sitting there and you have no idea what to say, and even if you could come up with something, the words would probably get all jumbled up. Most of the time we don’t think whoever we are talking to even cares about what we are saying. When it’s a parent, oh boy, we are sure they are judging us. What about court? Dry mouth and sweaty palms, and nothing coming out that makes any sense. I have heard all these comparisons when asking people about how they talk to God. This week we are going to discover the four P’s of Prayer and enjoy some practical “God Talk”.

Work As Worship

22 Feb 2018
In a National Survey of 180,000 American workers, 80 percent indicated a dislike for their jobs; yet we will spend about 90,000 hours of our life at work. Join us as we discover how to actually serve God and love our work at the same time.

Fixer Upper: Family

15 Feb 2018
This week we conclude our series, FIXER-UPPER: "Family". In the smash HGTV show, Chip & Joanna Gaines are pros at redeeming dilapidated houses and restoring beauty. But a house is not a home until a family moves in. Join in as we explore the grander purpose of why Chip and Joanna are so great at what they do. The Bible has a lot to say about the importance of family and faith.

Fixer Upper: Failure

8 Feb 2018
Everybody fails. The question is not ‘how bad the failure is’… the question is “how good your response to the failure is’… Join us as we continue our series “Fixer Upper” as we discover how to recover from failure.

Fixer Upper: Finances

1 Feb 2018
Money and debt is a leading cause of stress and a common cause for divorce in America today. If we don’t have it, we’re thinking about how we can get it. And when we do have it, we’re consumed by how to keep it. Join us as we continue our series, Fixer Upper, as we discover a path to fixing our finances.