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Celebration Service

2 Aug 2017
Celebration Service

Missionaries - Rolf & Debbie Kleinfeld

26 Jul 2017
At SFCC, we all know we exist to know Jesus and share real hope with anyone, everywhere. And we partner with people around the world who share this belief. This week we will meet a very special couple, Rolf and Debbie Kleinfeld. They live in Cambodia teaching and guiding local leaders as they share the Real Hope with a beautiful, yet struggling, population in Southeast Asia.

Stay Calm "When I Am Busy"

19 Jul 2017
Kid's soccer games, dance lessons, and sports practices, work responsibilities and work-related meetings, church, school events, and work-around-the-house stuff can leave you frazzled. Join us as we learn "how to stay calm when we are busy."

Stay Calm "In Your Anger"

9 Jul 2017
In Proverbs it says, “A fool is quick-tempered, but a wise person stays calm when insulted.” How can we go from being angry when insulted, to calm? This week we look at the God-design for our anger. Our problem is that we've witnessed so many bad examples of anger, that we've lost God's original intention for it. Join in as we learn how to "STAY CALM In Your Anger."

Stay Calm: "Financial Pressure"

5 Jul 2017
No money...for movies, dinners out or anything but essentials like food, gas and toilet paper. Not exactly the dream life, is it? This 4th of July, though millions will celebrate our freedom as Americans, many are enslaved to financial debt. We will learn how to STAY CALM personally and spiritually by breaking free from financial debt.

Stay Calm "During Times of Uncertainty"

28 Jun 2017
The world around us is full of uncertainty. We are uncertain about what each moment of each day can bring. When bad things happen we are uncertain if good will come again. We could be making a life changing decision uncertain of all of the outcomes from that decision. Wars and storms all around us - will there ever be peace again? Join us as we learn to find peace when we "Stay Calm during time of Uncertainty."

Stay Calm "When I Feel Stupid"

21 Jun 2017
This week we are going to look at a common fear among men, how it cripples our potential for spiritual and relational growth and how to stay calm when faced with this fear. Join us as we celebrate dads and continue our series "Stay Calm."

Stay Calm "Diffusing The Power of Anxiety and Fear"

14 Jun 2017
This past weekend we began a new series - "STAY CALM." The demands of life can easily rob us of God's blessings. Dangers in our world, busy schedules, workplace demands, and relationship challenges all pose obstacles to our personal peace and tranquility. Join us as we explore how God will fight for us to overcome ANXIETY & FEAR. The demands and challenges of life will not change, but we can learn to STAY CALM anyway.

The Unfathomable God

7 Jun 2017
Do you ever feel like your life is just too ordinary to ever make a difference? That maybe we just do not have what it takes to overcome this formidable and incomprehensible world? Join us as we discover how our unfathomable God can turn the ordinary into extraordinary!

Standing In The Gap

31 May 2017
Monday is Memorial Day. A day of remembering. With our busy lives we sometimes forget what Memorial Day is all about. Join us as we remember those who gave their lives standing in the gap fighting an enemy to protect our freedom. We will also learn how we too can stand in the gap to fight an enemy that is trying to steal our freedom in Christ.