What's Your Jericho?

Jan 02, 2014
• Length: 33:01
What is it that keeps you from the promised land God has for you? What is standing in the way, keeping you from walking into His perfect will? For the Israelites it was Jericho- this towering fortress that was viewed as an impenetrable city that could only be conquered with God's leading. In this message, we set out to discover what the Jerichos are in our own life.

Find Bethlehem In The Midst Of Lonliness

Dec 26, 2013
• Length: 28:41
Loneliness is a common, everyday experience for a lot of people. And the feeling of loneliness is compounded at Christmas because this is the time of year when families get together and everyone exchanges love and joy. In this message, we discover God's plan for us during times of loneliness.

Find Bethlehem In The Midst Of Bedlam: Overcoming Shame and Regret

Dec 12, 2013
• Length: 49:59
During the Christmas Season, many of us tend to get lost in the chaos or the bedlam of the world around us. Because of this, we are overcome with so many things that surround us that we lose some of the joy of what Christmas is all about. I, like many others, have had many things that have stolen my joy in the past. One such thing that I have learned to overcome is shame and regret.

Find Bethlehem In The Unexpected

Dec 05, 2013
• Length: 32:09
The unexpected is a part of life that we all face in different ways, but how we respond is what defines our circumstances. This message kicks off our Christmas series as we discover how to find peace in the midst of the bedlam that the unexpected can create.


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