Lost Art: Esther

Mar 20, 2014
• Length: 43:47
Who needs whom? The story of Esther teaches us that God is always at work to ensure His good and perfect plan remains good and perfect. Incredibly and graciously He invites us to participate with Him.

Lost Art: Noah And The Flood

Mar 13, 2014
• Length: 40:36
The story of Noah is one of the most popular of all the Children’s Bible stories. Even people who don’t know the Bible and never come to church know about Noah, his big boat, all those animals coming in two by two, and the flood. But there is so much more to the story and in this message we are going to look at the implications of this story for our lives today.

Lost Art: Dare To Be A Daniel

Mar 06, 2014
• Length: 36:44
In this message, we kick off our exciting series, "LOST ART: Rediscovering The Forgotten Stories." Daniel lived his life with unwavering faith in God in the midst of a hostile culture and through his greatest test. See how Daniel's story, written around 535 B.C., is still relevant to us today.

It's Complicated: Conflict

Feb 27, 2014
• Length: 36:34
In this message we conclude our relationship series, "IT'S COMPLICATED", by looking at the purpose of conflict. It can easily destroy, yet conflict can also be used to build stronger, more fulfilling relationships - it all depends on our attitude and focus. We conclude with,"CONFLICT - The Prickly Quills That Lead to Winning Relationships."

It's Complicated: Sexuality

Feb 20, 2014
• Length: 51:25
In this message, we continue "It's Complicated", a series about relationships. Within the covenant of marriage, sex can be one of the greatest blessings or a huge point of tension. Great relationships take work and great sex in marriage is the same. Both husband and wife have a role in creating the kind of connection God designed.

It's Complicated: Vows

Feb 13, 2014
• Length: 37:14
The most important part of the wedding ceremony are the vows that we make to our spouse and to God, but how many of us uphold them on a daily basis? How many of us are making promises here and there within our marriages, relationships and other areas of our life, yet are failing to keep them? As we continue our series, "It's Complicated", we are going to take a Biblical look at what vows really are, the weight that they carry, and the importance of keeping our word to God, our spouses, and the people around us.

It's Complicated: Dating

Feb 06, 2014
• Length: 53:15
Fighting, attraction, bad judgment and reconciliation are only a few challenges that make the marriage relationship the most complicated of all relationships. In this message, we kick off a new series, "IT'S COMPLICATED", all about relationships! If we want a positive, healthy outcome in marriage, we have to do it differently than what we're seeing in our world today. It begins with dating and knowing how to choose the right person.

I Was Broke, Now I'm Not: A Finacial Miracle

Jan 30, 2014
• Length: 31:27
This is the final message in our series “I Was Broke. Now I’m Not.” These days it seems like money slips through our fingers like sand and before we know it we have a financial mess on our hands and we say, “It will take a miracle for us to get out of this mess!” In fact, even though we are in a financial series, this message applies to any situation you are facing where you are desperate for God to show up and perform a miracle. In this message, we will look at a true story of a financial miracle that we can all learn from.

I Was Broke, Now I'm Not: A Part Of The Story

Jan 23, 2014
• Length: 53:39
In this message we are excited to have with us Joseph Sangl – Founder, I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. and President & CEO, INJOY Stewardship Solutions as he shares with us practical Biblical steps on How To Have The Best Financial Year of Your Life in 2014. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to live a fully funded life as we continue our series I Was Broke Now I Am Not.

I Was Broke, Now I'm Not: Generosity

Jan 16, 2014
• Length:
During this message we continue our series, "I Was Broke. Now I'm Not": Generosity. We'll explore the question, "What happens when we give?" When we can trust God enough to give back to Him the "Firstfruits" of all He's given us, financial pressures subside and we can truly live a life of freedom. Dig into this message to experience the biblical perspective on money and stewardship.


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