Silent Killers: Approval

Sep 11, 2014
• Length: 39:49
In this message, we continue our series, "SILENT KILLERS" by exposing and annihilating a deadly toxin that can creep into our spirit - the need for approval. An overlooked addiction so common and so subtle, it can control us & choke our relationship with God and others.

Silent Killer: Offended

Sep 04, 2014
• Length: 42:49
In this message, we'll look at one of Satan's most deceptive and subtle "Silent Killers". Most people have encountered it - offense. Offense will not only hold you captive and sever your relationship with God and others, it hinders us from fulfilling our full potential.

Silent Killers: Coveting

Aug 28, 2014
• Length: 29:44
God wants to give us the desires of our heart. Humanly, we often sabotage His hand. Coveting is a little used word in our language, yet it's practiced everyday. When does pure desire cross a line into becoming destructive?We continue our series "SILENT KILLERS: Coveting" to find how to eliminate anything that might be interfering with God's blessing in our life.

Celebration Service - August 2014

Aug 28, 2014
• Length: 79:06
On any month that has five Sundays, SFCC comes together as one church to celebrate how Jesus is working in our lives. This special service features amazing worship, baby dedications, baptisms, powerful testimonies, communion and much more. You won't want to miss out on this incredible time of worship and celebration. If you would like to be baptized or have your child dedicated, email

Silent Killers: Apathy

Aug 21, 2014
• Length: 00:51:06
We are going to look at a toxin that can creep into our lives and cause problems in so many areas of our lives. It affects us all, no matter what age, regardless of our education or income level. There is nothing more subtle, or more destructive then Apathy.

Silent Killers: Pride

Aug 14, 2014
• Length: 44:51
Carbon Monoxide which is often called "the silent killer" is a gas you cannot see, taste, or smell. Exposure to undetected high levels of carbon monoxide can be fatal. Like carbon monoxide there are silent killers that can creep into our lives that if left undetected can be fatal to our relationship with God and others. In this message, we start a new series called “The Silent Killer” as we look at the #1 silent killer.

Jesus Was Here: I Will Come Again

Aug 07, 2014
• Length: 45:14
What are the odds that hundreds of predictions could all come true? Yet prophecies about Jesus were written a thousand years before His birth and death and every one happened as foretold. Only God could do that. In this message, we conclude our Israel series, JESUS WAS HERE: "I Will Come Back."

Jesus Was Here: The Pool Of Bethesda

Jul 31, 2014
• Length: 45:43
We're hearing a lot about the conflict in Israel. Thousands of years ago, God promised a chosen people, a chosen land. Battles have broken out ever since over who truly possesses that land. We continue our series, "JESUS WAS HERE", and step into Israel to see where Abraham, Moses and Jesus walked to bring the story to us today.

Waiting On God

Jul 17, 2014
• Length: 42:54
Learning to wait on God is a critical issue in our spiritual development because God’s will includes His timing. He has an awesome plan mapped out for each of us and for SFCC but He only reveals it one step at a time. In this message, we learn 4 facts about God's timing.

The People's Choice: Gossip

Jul 10, 2014
• Length: 28:30
Have you heard what is going on in so and so's life? Oh my goodness, I can't believe he did that to them. Do those statements resonate with you? At some point or another we have all been a part of gossip. Gossip is an epidemic that both the Church world and the secular world deal with. There is a great similarity between gossip and a forest fire. In this messsage, we tackle this week's People's Choice topic of Gossip.


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