In This World: Sexuality

Nov 22, 2014
• Length: 49:13
If ever there's been a “hot” topic that spurs opinion, argument, and name-calling, it’s the subject of sexuality. Not only is it highly visible in the media & politics, but the debate has infiltrated the Church with a vengeance. In this message, we conclude our series, "'In This World...': Sexuality."

In This World: Predators

Nov 13, 2014
• Length: 49:04
It seems every time we go online, watch the evening news or read the paper, there’s another story about a predator that has taken advantage of a vulnerable victim. We all live alongside predators. We worry about the safety of our children and our community as a whole. In this message, we continue our series “In This World…” as we discover how to overcome worry!

In This World: Terrorism

Nov 06, 2014
• Length:
Our world is an ever-increasing place of unrest and turmoil. Fear is something more and more people are living with and accepting as just a part of life in these times of terrorism, viruses and predators and the uncertainty and confusion about daily living. But it doesn’t have to be like this - we don’t have live in fear! In this message, we discover how we can take the terror out of terrorism.

In This World: Chaos

Oct 30, 2014
• Length: 40:55
No doubt the world we live in is becoming more dangerous everyday. Just take a look at few recent headlines: Woman beheaded in Oklahoma. Mystery Virus Causes Paralysis. ISIS Threatens to Kill Families of US Soldiers. Losing the Race Against Ebola. Nelson County Officials Continue Search for Missing Teen Alexis Murphy. Student Records Teacher Giving Him Oral Sex in Classroom. Gunshots Fired at Canada's Parliament. Jesus said in this world we will have trouble. In this message, we begin our new series "In This World..." as we discover how a relationship with Jesus can help us overcome the chaos of this world.

Go In Peace

Oct 23, 2014
• Length: 42:05
God is always working within our current situations. He love us so much and He wants the very best for us. In this week's message, “Go in Peace”, we will discover God’s healing and transforming power through the death and resurrection of Jesus. In this message, Pastor Matt preaches his final message at SFCC before embarking on his journey as a missionary to New Zealand!

Reclaim: Kids

Oct 16, 2014
• Length: 42:19
There are thieves out there that are trying to steal the souls of our kids. In this message, we discover three Biblical necessities to reclaim our children.

Reclaim: Time

Oct 09, 2014
• Length: 36:43
We live in a world that's quick to point out inequalities. Yet everyone has the God-given equality of time. In our hectic, fast-paced, uptight world, we often forget we can choose how to use those precious seconds, minutes and hours to find balance and a healthy lifestyle. In this message, we continue our series "RELCLAIM: Time".

Reclaim: Romance

Oct 02, 2014
• Length: 50:34
In this message, we begin a new series called, “RECLAIM”. We live in a culture where the pace, as well as the cares of life, distract us from what’s most important. Over the next three weeks, we'll explore three areas of life that might need to be "taken back", beginning with how to "RECLAIM Romance" in our very important relationships.

Wonderfull Weekend

Sep 25, 2014
• Length:
It's the Wonderfull Weekend! Everyone will love Scott and his non-stop variety program full of fun, laughter, mystery, audience participation, comedy and unbelievable feats of illusion! In this message, he brought a unique and exciting message through music, drama, and illusion.

Silent Killers: Sin

Sep 18, 2014
• Length: 40:42
This message's silent killer is like a boomerang. You can throw it long, far, high, and hard. It might even go out of sight, but it will always come back to you. Join us this weekend as we look at the final toxin in our series Silent Killers.


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