First: First Prayer

Jan 22, 2015
• Length: 1:06:00
Jonathan Edwards, the person God used as the catalyst for the First Great Awakening said, "When God has something to accomplish for His church, it is with His will that there should precede it the extraordinary prayer of His people." In this message, we put into practice, "First Things FIRST".

First: First Things First

Jan 08, 2015
• Length: 52:30
In this message, we kick the New Year off with a brand new series called, “FIRST." On this journey we'll discover the spiritual necessity of putting and keeping First things "FIRST", beginning with the importance of putting God FIRST in our lives.

The Day After Christmas

Jan 01, 2015
• Length: 35:05
Twas the weekend after Christmas, When all through the town, Every creature was stirring, Taking ornaments down. The lights were extinguished, The candles all burned, Empty boxes abounded wherever you turned… In this message, we discover the most important part of Christmas. The day after! Bring a friend and they may thank you!

All I Want For Christmas Is: Peace

Dec 25, 2014
• Length: 39:52
If we had to relate one word to Christmas, high on the list would be peace. In this message, we continue our series “ All I Want for Christmas is…" as we discover how we can have peace in the midst of all the hurt, pain and damage in our world, our community, our homes and in our personal lives.

All I Want For Christmas Is: Perfect

Dec 18, 2014
• Length: 32:49
"I want Christmas to be PERFECT!" We invest time and energy into making Christmas perfect - lights, music, food, family and fun. But the circumstances surrounding the story of Jesus' birth were far from perfect. Still, the Wise Men & shepherds were able to find Perfection. And so can we. In this message, we continue our series, "All I Want For Christmas Is...."

All I Want For Christmas Is: Presence

Dec 11, 2014
• Length: 48:03
We are starting a new series this weekend called "All I Want For Christmas Is…" Over the next 3 weeks of Advent we want to be reminded that God wants to give to us what we and others in our lives desperately need… and want. We can give our children, our family and our friends lots of different kinds of presents for Christmas, but nothing will compare with our presence! In this message, we explore the presence we can share with those we love this Christmas.

The Story Of My Life

Dec 04, 2014
• Length: 44:10
Each and everyone one of us have a once upon a time story, and this story has shaped our lives. Have you ever wondered why certain things have taken place in your story? In this message, we discover how the stories of our lives happen so we can connect to others.

The Mission

Nov 27, 2014
• Length: 41:17
The gospel of Jesus Christ is God's power unto salvation, which is freedom and deliverance from the power of darkness. God has given the Church the mission of communicating this gospel and everyone must get involved. In this message, our guest speaker from Lagos, Nigeria, Francis Olubambi, offers a challenge to be part of the mission to reach our world for Christ.


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