Live Love Dance Repeat: Live

Feb 12, 2015
• Length: 33:51
It's very easy to look at what we lack in our lives. We live in a society that tells us everyday what we need in order to "be happy" or what we need in order to "keep up". Add into the equation the instant access to information on social media about the world and those around and it can be very easy to become discontent with our own lives or situations. As we begin our new series "Live. Love. Dance. Repeat", we will look at the ways we can LIVE in peace no matter what our relationship status, social status, financial status, or even facebook status!

First Testimonies

Feb 05, 2015
• Length: 33:56
In this message, we celebrate all that God did in our lives during our First Revival.

First: First Prayer

Jan 22, 2015
• Length: 1:06:00
Jonathan Edwards, the person God used as the catalyst for the First Great Awakening said, "When God has something to accomplish for His church, it is with His will that there should precede it the extraordinary prayer of His people." In this message, we put into practice, "First Things FIRST".

First: First Things First

Jan 08, 2015
• Length: 52:30
In this message, we kick the New Year off with a brand new series called, “FIRST." On this journey we'll discover the spiritual necessity of putting and keeping First things "FIRST", beginning with the importance of putting God FIRST in our lives.

The Day After Christmas

Jan 01, 2015
• Length: 35:05
Twas the weekend after Christmas, When all through the town, Every creature was stirring, Taking ornaments down. The lights were extinguished, The candles all burned, Empty boxes abounded wherever you turned… In this message, we discover the most important part of Christmas. The day after! Bring a friend and they may thank you!


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