Blueprints For A Belonging Community - Relax, God's Got It

Oct 11, 2020
• Length: 1:11:29
God’s Got It. We’ve heard that before. But what about the real stuff—the meat and potatoes stuff of life? Does he have my needs for food, shelter, safety and my occasional wants? Jesus in this discourse of Blueprints for a Belonging Community, encourages us to put worry aside and trust the God who knows us best and loves us most. In this message, Pastor James shares Jesus’ plan of trust and contentment for life.

Blueprints For A Belonging Community - It's Not About You

Oct 04, 2020
• Length: 1:12:13
“IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU” we’ve heard that phrase so much these days that it’s almost become cliché. Yet our culture says everything is about us—our needs, our wants, our likes, our dislikes etc. All the worship, doctrine, political, and social issues wars that have divided our culture and the church have been about a mentality that is the opposite of the phrase IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU. If any phase sums up Jesus’ Blueprints for a Belonging Community it is this IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU.

Blueprints For A Belonging Community - Faux People, Promise, and Prophets

Sep 27, 2020
• Length: 1:11:29
Living out the Blueprints for a Belonging Community means that our inside life is more important than the life we show on the outside. Jesus’ morality for Belongers focuses on a right heart and mind that transforms our outside living.

Blueprints For A Belonging Community - Pass The Salt - Going Public

Sep 20, 2020
• Length: 1:06:46
The Blueprints to a Belonging Community— The Sermon on the Mount are a call to be Salt and Light and messengers of the Kingdom. Salt adds flavor, preserves and purifies, while light dispels darkness. We are called to do the same in a world that desperately needs God’s salt and light. This week we will discover our role in God’s Belonging community marketing strategy.

Blueprints For A Belonging Community - Messed Up = Blessed Up

Sep 13, 2020
• Length: 1:06:48
The Preamble to the Blueprints of a Belonging Community— what we call the Beatitudes is the Magna Carta for messed up people. What else would we expect from Jesus? Simply put, they are hope for hopeless messed up people. In order for us to wrap our minds around this new revolutionary view of the Beatitudes we’ve got to re-examine Jesus’ radical words to his followers then and now. If you’re messed up you are also blessed-up.

Blueprints For A Belonging Community - A Call To Revolutionary Belonging

Sep 06, 2020
• Length: 1:04:54
Jesus' Blueprints for a Belonging Community—his Message on the Mount is the ultimate word concerning belonging in community—God’s Kingdom. His blueprints for belonging are as radical and revolutionary today as they were in the first century. When we truly live out his blueprints for belonging, we quit doing church, we get rid of the status quo religion, and we turn the world right-side-up by going public with Jesus.

Belong - The Barriers to Belonging

Aug 30, 2020
• Length: 1:06:04
The wrap-up message for BELONG helps us recognize and do away with the barriers to true belonging. We do not belong to ourselves but to God, and through him, to his people. At long last, our search for true belonging can have a happy ending. In Christ and among his people, we’re fully known and fully loved.

Belong - The R&R Of Belonging Part 2

Aug 23, 2020
• Length: 1:07:46
Active belonging comes with responsibilities and rights. Your rights as BELONG’ERS are all about your leaders/pastors/teachers being like Jesus. You have the Right to Leaders who Feed, Lead, Model, and Plead Like Jesus. Do You Belong?

Belong - The R&R Of Belonging Part 1

Aug 16, 2020
• Length: 0:57:05
Active Belonging comes with its own R&R (rights and responsibilities). Belonging in any organization, family, institution, or job has rights and responsibilities. When we actively participate in the Body of Christ we belong. Do you belong?

Family Reunion - Joseph

Aug 09, 2020
• Length: 1:11:12
Joseph, known as the husband of Mary and the Earthly Father of Jesus, is a giant example of those willing to Faithfully serve behind the scenes. Joseph is a Giant of our Faith who obeyed God and served a vital role in the life of Jesus. Praise God for people like Joseph who desire the smile of God more than the applause of men.


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