Susie Shellenberger: The World’s Most Frightening Knock-Knock Joke

Sep 30, 2015
• Length: 41:05
Noted author, pastor and speaker Susie Shellenberger will be kicking off fall Revival. Join us as Susie starts off revival with the world's most frightening knock-knock joke. Invite a friend to watch!

Blessed Life: A Serving Heart

Sep 24, 2015
• Length: 35:27
In this message we will continue our series the Blessed Life by looking at the # 1 competitor for our hearts and for living the Blessed Life. Join us in this message and invite someone to watch with you who doesn’t go to church as we discover how to defeat this competitor so we can enjoy the Blessed Life that God has promised.

Blessed Life: A Generous Heart

Sep 17, 2015
• Length: 39:41
Do you ever want more for your life then you presently have? God does! He wants us to live the blessed life. We are starting a new series in this message “The Blessed Life. In this message and the next we will discover what the Bible says about living The Blessed Life.

Back To School: Worship

Sep 10, 2015
• Length: 33:19
What is true worship to God? Is there a checklist that we must complete? Does it depend on the songs we worship to? Does it depend on our circumstances or situations? What happens when we are unified in worship? Join us in this message as we explore these questions and unpack what it means to truly worship God.

Celebration Service

Sep 05, 2015
• Length: 71:47
Celebration Service is a time to gather as an entire church and celebrate what God has done the past few months. There are baptisms, child dedications, worship, testimonies, communion and so much more.

Back To School: Baptism

Sep 03, 2015
• Length: 41:01
In this message we will continue our series, Back To School by learning the Biblical meaning of and reason for Baptism. Invite a friend to watch.

Back To School: Holy Spirit

Aug 27, 2015
• Length: 47:30
Our series, "Back To School" has focused on getting back to the basics of the Christian faith. In this message we will explore the Holy Spirit, who He is, His purpose on earth and in our lives. The Holy Spirit has a job description and the Bible is very clear on His work. Invite a friend to watch as we not only learn more about the Holy Spirit, but experience His presence in a fresh, new way.

Back To School: One Faith

Aug 20, 2015
• Length: 39:11
There are some things in our lives that are easy to talk about like why you look great in faded jeans or why you're a rock star in the shower. However there are tough things that are just easier to accept and move on. Like why the hot and ready sign at Krispy Kreme makes you pull in no matter what or your faith. Wait, is faith really one of those things that cannot be explained? Or can it? Invite a friend to watch and we will explore this thing called faith.

Back To School: The Trinity

Aug 13, 2015
• Length: 32:25
There are some issues in life too big to understand. This weekend's subject, The Trinity, says to us that there are some things in life too big for us to wrap our little minds around. Join us in this message as we begin a new series called “Back to School.” Our prayer is that during this series you will gain a clearer picture of God.

Cookout: The Preparation (4 of 4)

Aug 07, 2015
• Length: 34:01
Being prepared is a key motto of the Boy Scouts and should be the motto for our lives as believers. In life and in hosting a cookout, the preparation process is the one thing that will help lead you to a place of success. Over the past few weeks, we have talked about having the proper equipment, the right seasoning, and allowing for the proper cooking time. This week we will bring all of these things together as we talk about one of my favorite things at a cook out: the side dishes. One of the best side dishes at a summer cookout is the fresh fruit or fruit salad (yummy yummy). What’s your favorite side dish? Invite a friend to church to watch this message!


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