Fall Revival - Boldness

Oct 28, 2018
• Length: 1:35:09
Boldness - Lane Loman

Fall Revival - Extended Grace

Oct 27, 2018
• Length: 01:12:19
Extended Grace - Lane Loman

The Best Day Of Your Life - "The Day You Surrendered"

Oct 26, 2018
• Length: 01:24:32
The Day You Surrendered - Lane Loman

Fall Revival - Dealing with the Devil

Oct 26, 2018
• Length: 01:21:22
Dealing with the Devil - Lane Loman

The Best Day Of Your Life - "The Day You Were Reborn"

Oct 22, 2018
• Length: 01:10:38
Most people today are living a good life thinking they are living the best days of their lives. Join us as we discover there is a better life as we continue our series “The Best Days of Your Life!”

The Best Day Of Your Life - "The Day You Were Born"

Oct 15, 2018
• Length: 00:56:27
We are starting a new series this weekend called “The Best Days of Your Life.” Join us as we discover why the day you made your first public appearance was the best day of your life. Share real hope with a friend by inviting them to join you at one of our services or to visit us online @ www.salemfields.com/live.

Celebration Service

Oct 08, 2018
• Length: 01:11:59
Celebration Service September 2018

Dress Code - "Humility"

Oct 08, 2018
• Length:
This series DRESS CODE, has displayed "God's designer line of clothing", with a challenge to clothe ourselves in His garments of compassion, kindness, gentleness, patience. This week, we complete our wardrobe with HUMILITY. What is true humility? It just might surprise you. Join in on a weekend service at 11120 Gordon Road in Fredericksburg or online at www.salemfields.com/live.

Dress Code - "Patience"

Oct 01, 2018
• Length: 01:17:22
In our series DRESS CODE, we've been assembling our "spiritual wardrobe" - compassion, kindness, gentleness. This week we add the garment of PATIENCE. Most of us don't like to wait; yet learning to wait in the midst of intense pressure is how God produces the power of patience within us.

Dress Code - "Gentleness"

Sep 24, 2018
• Length: 01:15:26
Gentleness is an article of spiritual clothing that we don’t talk much about in the church. Join us as we continue our series, "Dress Code". We will learn how to dress in gentleness and the about the benefits it has on our lives and the lives of others.