Crossfit - It's All In The Heart

Mar 14, 2021
• Length: 1:22:19
This weeks exercise is worship. Is your worship just going through the motions or do you have an authentic connection—a “walk in to cool of the day” relationship? It’s not about your desired music style. In fact it’s not about you or music. Worship is a 24/7 heart relationship with The Spiritual Trainer- Jesus.

Crossfit - Chewing On The Word Of God

Mar 07, 2021
• Length: 1:12:10
We begin our exercises this week. Our first Crossfit exercise is meditation. Meditation is chewing on the Word of God so it gets inside of us and transforms our thinking, walk, talk and actions. The old adage is true: "you are what you eat." Are your CrossFit?

Crossfit - Removing Growth Barriers

Feb 28, 2021
• Length: 1:18:05
Spiritual Fitness is all about growth. God’s will is for Belongers to grow up and become just like Jesus. In most cases we have barriers to growth in our lives. Lack of growth happen when barriers to knowledge, motivation, accountability, nourishment, and commitment spring up in our lives. God can help remove growth barriers in your life so you can be CrossFit.

Crossfit - Spiritual Fitness 101

Feb 21, 2021
• Length: 1:20:57
Physical trainers tell us that physical fitness begins with assessment. Spiritual fitness is no different. Before we can know where we are headed, we must evaluate our present situation. How is your spiritual fitness going? Where do you see the need for growth, and what is your plan to get there? When Paul encouraged his protege Timothy toward eternal fitness, he said: “workouts in the gymnasium are useful, but a disciplined life in God is far more so, making you fit both today and forever.” I Tim. 4:8 (MSG). Spiritual Fitness begins when we are CrossFit. How do we become CrossFit? I’m glad you asked!

Sweet Tarts - Stale Candy

Feb 14, 2021
• Length: 1:23:53
Why is it that there always seems to be that one chocolate in a box of chocolates that you expect to taste amazing, but it ends up tasting stale or doesn’t meet your expectations? Love and relationships are similar. We have an expectation of what love and our relationships should be like, but we find them falling short on the taste test. In the the final message in our two-part “Sweet Tarts” series on relationships, we explore how our views of what love is or isn’t forms how we interact within our relationships, and how we can ensure that the love we give and receive will be authentic and stay sweet.

Sweet Tarts - The Inevitable Tart

Feb 07, 2021
• Length: 1:16:42
Sweet Tarts. Next to chocolate, they’re one of the most famous Valentine candies. You may love ‘em for their sweetness or hate 'em for their tart. Our relationships with others can be like that—one moment sweet, the next moment tart. But what does love look like, especially when you're navigating tartness?

Emerged - New Year Reaching

Jan 31, 2021
• Length: 1:13:53
An Emerged New Year of Reaching is totally possible. The problem is that we feel like we must be experts to reach others. We say things like: "I’m not an evangelist, Bible scholar, pastor or counselor." That’s great because Jesus’ plan is about regular people reaching other people. Are you REACHING?

Emerged - New Year Growing

Jan 24, 2021
• Length: 1:12:39
Have you ever wanted to be a kid forever? Well there’s a place for child-like faith, but as Belongers in the Kingdom it’s God’s will that we GROW up: in humility, discipline, love, and unity. He wants us to recognize the beauty in our diversity and begins to move and groove together as one. Emerged New year growing is Growing Up God’s way.

Emerged - New Year Serving

Jan 17, 2021
• Length: 1:16:39
What are people always saying about you? Do they say "he laughs all the time," "she’s funny," or "he talks too much?" What if they said, "he/she is always serving?" In this message, discover what it means to live an EMERGED NEW YEAR life of service.

Emerged - New Year of Giving

Jan 10, 2021
• Length: 1:11:04
Balance is important in life. Balance in our spiritual, physical, and emotional lives is of utmost importance. But balance is also important in our giving and finances. Because finances follow the law of the Harvest and not the law of Pinocchio.


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