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God's Provision

22 Nov 2018
God does amazing things through our obedience and sacrifice. Make sure you join in to hear the heart of one who has served in missions both abroad and here at home. We will reflect on the goodness of God and the joy we experience when we have thankful hearts. See how you can be a significant part of what God is doing all around us. Remember to pray about what God would have you give in the "Giving Thanks" Offering.

Who Would You Die For

15 Nov 2018
Who would you die for? Join us as we dig deeper into that question. Remember to invite a veteran to church so SFCC can say, "Thank You," by giving honor to all of our veteran military personnel.

The Best Day Of Your Life - "The Day You Die"

8 Nov 2018
"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count; it's the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln. The Bible says God numbers our days. This week we conclude "The Best Days of Your Life" by looking at our final day on earth. We can be fearful and filled with anxiety; or we can prepare for it and be at peace with God. You're not truly living until you're ready to die! Join in this week as we look at how your last day on earth can be one of the best days of your life.

The Best Day Of Your Life - "The Day You Discovered Why You Were Born"

1 Nov 2018
The Best Day Of Your Life - The Day You Discover Why You Were Born - Pastor Buddy

Fall Revival - Boldness

24 Oct 2018
Boldness - Lane Loman

Fall Revival - Extended Grace

23 Oct 2018
Extended Grace - Lane Loman

The Best Day Of Your Life - "The Day You Surrendered"

22 Oct 2018
The Day You Surrendered - Lane Loman

Fall Revival - Dealing with the Devil

22 Oct 2018
Dealing with the Devil - Lane Loman

The Best Day Of Your Life - "The Day You Were Reborn"

18 Oct 2018
Most people today are living a good life thinking they are living the best days of their lives. Join us as we discover there is a better life as we continue our series “The Best Days of Your Life!”

The Best Day Of Your Life - "The Day You Were Born"

11 Oct 2018
We are starting a new series this weekend called “The Best Days of Your Life.” Join us as we discover why the day you made your first public appearance was the best day of your life. Share real hope with a friend by inviting them to join you at one of our services or to visit us online @