Message Podcasts


Honor: "To Whom Honor Is Due"

15 Nov 2015
The Bible says, "…pay honor to whom honor is due.” Join us in this message as we look at two areas of sacrificial love that deserves honor as we continue our series “HONOR.”

Honor: "Parents"

8 Nov 2015
The Bible says, "Honor your father and mother…” This is the first commandment that comes with a promise. We are beginning a new series this weekend called “Honor”. Join us in this message as we discover the promise and learn ways we can honor our parents even when it seems they don’t deserve it.

Under Pressure: "Anger"

1 Nov 2015
When we are under pressure, sometimes we feel like we have been shoved into a pressure cooker - while we are cooking we feel the heat. When the heat comes, we tend to get frustrated which causes anger to rise up inside. If we don’t handle it just right, that anger just bursts out into the lives of those around us causing conflict. What is the right way to handle this anger when we are under pressure? Come discover in this message what to do when we are Under Pressure.

Under Pressure: "Words"

25 Oct 2015
Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can… In this message we will continue our series "Under Pressure" as we look at the words we speak when under pressure.

Under Pressure: "Temptation"

18 Oct 2015
Today, if you are a Christian, you are under pressure against an enemy that wants to take you out. So it is necessary to understand this enemy and his tactics so we can live the kind of awesome life that God wants for us. Join us in this message as we learn how to have victory over the temptations that leads to sin and to our defeat. Invite a friend to watch!

Under Pressure: "Wisdom"

12 Oct 2015
How do you handle the problems of life? James says that our difficulties can serve to make us stronger and better equipped for life when we follow Godly guidelines. In this message we continue our series, "UNDER PRESSURE" by looking at the importance of wisdom in the midst of our circumstances. Invite a friend to to watch to experience God's presence as we worship and grow together.

Under Pressure: "Perseverance"

4 Oct 2015
In this message we are starting a new series from the Book of James called Under Pressure. How we respond when we are under pressure reveals our character flaws. In this message we will discover how our life is much like the Krispy Kreme donut and we will learn how to handle the trials of life.

Susie Shellenberger: "Does Prayer Really Work?"

30 Sep 2015
Does prayer really work? In this message, Susie talks about the truth behind prayer. Invite a friend to watch!

Susie Shellenberger: "Hot Real Estate: Cemeteries and Castles"

29 Sep 2015
Join us as Susie coninues the Revival series on "Hot Real Estate: Cemeteries and Castles". Invite a friend to watch!

Susie Shellenberger: "God's Instensive Care Unit"

28 Sep 2015
Join us as Susie coninues the Revival series on "God's Instensive Care Unit". Invite a friend to watch