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Christmas Playlist: Auld Lang Syne

27 Dec 2015
The wrapping paper has hit the floor, the credit card statement is getting ready to drop in the mailbox and none of the Christmas songs turned out the way you planned. There is still one more song left to be heard, and hopefully another chance for things to get better.

Christmas Eve Service

23 Dec 2015
Christmas is here and SFCC wants to celebrate with you and your family. Join us as we celebrate the Light of the World, Jesus Christ!

Christmas Playlist: I'll Be Home For Christmas

20 Dec 2015
It's almost Christmastime, and many of us will be traveling "Home For Christmas" to spend time with our families. In this message we continue our series Christmas Playlist, and discover how to be around family members that just might drive you crazy.

Christmas Playlist: Joy To The World

13 Dec 2015
Sometimes joy can seem to get lost in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the season, family traditions, even broken relationships and discouragement.

Christmas Playlist: White Christmas

6 Dec 2015
Christmas and music are synonymous. We can never think of this time of year without thinking of Christmas music. We are starting a new series entitled, “Christmas Playlist.” Join us in this message as we discover how to deal with the disappointment at Christmas when what we are dreaming of doesn’t happen.

Nothing Is Impossible

29 Nov 2015
To some, it seems almost impossible to connect with the millennial generation. Join us in this message as we discover how, with God, nothing is impossible.

Partnering With The King

22 Nov 2015
So many times we catch ourselves trying to accomplish major goals in life all by ourselves. But did you know that God expects us to partner with Him? In this message we will explore some of the many ways we can partner with God and uncover the benefits when we do.

Honor: "To Whom Honor Is Due"

15 Nov 2015
The Bible says, "…pay honor to whom honor is due.” Join us in this message as we look at two areas of sacrificial love that deserves honor as we continue our series “HONOR.”

Honor: "Parents"

8 Nov 2015
The Bible says, "Honor your father and mother…” This is the first commandment that comes with a promise. We are beginning a new series this weekend called “Honor”. Join us in this message as we discover the promise and learn ways we can honor our parents even when it seems they don’t deserve it.

Under Pressure: "Anger"

1 Nov 2015
When we are under pressure, sometimes we feel like we have been shoved into a pressure cooker - while we are cooking we feel the heat. When the heat comes, we tend to get frustrated which causes anger to rise up inside. If we don’t handle it just right, that anger just bursts out into the lives of those around us causing conflict. What is the right way to handle this anger when we are under pressure? Come discover in this message what to do when we are Under Pressure.