Message Podcasts


Unleash: "Bible"

10 Apr 2016
The Bible promises comfort, strength, hope, wisdom, joy, power, and purpose. But just because you have a Bible doesn't mean you're going to get the benefit from it. Join us in this series as we begin a new 4-week series called "Unleash" as we discover from the book of James how your Bible can help you Unleash Your Spiritual Potential.

Rebuild: "Easter"

3 Apr 2016
Watch as Pastor Kelly discusses how we got from Nehemiah's wall to Easter. Invite a friend to watch!

The Sounds Of Easter

27 Mar 2016
LISTEN CLOSELY, Easter has arrived and it's time to come alive! Come celebrate new life in Jesus and His Resurrection through the "Sounds Of Easter." It's a new day and hope is yours for the taking! He is Risen Indeed.

Rebuild: "Celerabation"

20 Mar 2016
Nehemiah took the celebration as seriously as he took the rebuilding of the wall because he knew celebration was the final step of the project. Join us in this message as we discover the elements of celebration and as we celebrate the overwhelming outpouring of generosity!

Rebuild: "Legacy"

13 Mar 2016
Join us in this message as we celebrate our commitments to reBuild and take our place on the wall for future generations. Watch God do something new in our church, in our family, in other families in our church, our community and in Smithfield, VA. We are creating a lasting legacy! Please continue to pray for God to show you what He wants you to give to support reBuild.

Rebuild: "Don't Back Down.. Fight!"

6 Mar 2016
Our goal for this weekend is that you will leave ready to fight! Not the kind of fight that tries to prove you are right or tougher than someone else. But a fight for what really matters most - your family and your church.

Rebuild: "It's More Than Just A Wall"

28 Feb 2016
The message, “It’s More Than Just a Wall” will help dig out the rubble in our lives so God can do something new within us. Invite a friend to watch!

Rebuild: "Living On Purpose"

20 Feb 2016
We begin a new series this weekend from the book of Nehemiah called Rebuild. Throughout this series, we will look at the life and call of Nehemiah.

Uncertain: "He Loves me, He loves me not"

14 Feb 2016
It's Valentine's Weekend and love is in the air! Yet love is so uncertain in our culture today. Join in this message as we continue our series “Uncertain”, to discover how you can be certain of God’s love.

Uncertain: "Value Of Your Soul"

7 Feb 2016
In Mark 8:36, the Bible says what does it profit a man to gain the whole world if he loses his own soul? In essence, what is the value of your soul? Is there anything more valuable than your soul and the soul of your loved ones. Join in this message as we take a closer look at this area of uncertainty.