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The Atmosphere Is Changing

4 Sep 2016
Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that". We are all atmosphere changers, affecting everyone and everything around us, whether positively or negatively. In this message, we will see what Jesus, the greatest atmosphere changer, has to say about the matter and how we can bring light and love to those around us.

The Game: "Shoots and Ladders"

28 Aug 2016
"Chutes and Ladders" is a game that illustrates life perfectly. In one move, we can land on the spot where the ladder takes us to the top of the board. In the next move, we can land on the spot that sends us down the chute back to the bottom of the board. The game of life is so similar - with determination and perseverance, we can rise back up to the top and win. Do you have the spiritual grit and strength that it takes to win in the game of life’s chutes and ladders?

The Game: "Operation"

21 Aug 2016
In the game "Operation" the point of the game is to remove objects from the game board without setting off the patients' buzzer causing his nose to light up. It takes a steady hand and patience as you try to carefully take the tiny tweezers to remove the charlie horse out of the patients leg. We all need to have a spiritual operation in our life. Just like the game card that shows us what item we need to remove, God shows us the things that we need to remove from our life. The Game is ours to win if we allow God to show us how to operate on ourselves. Do you have what it takes?

The Game: "Risk"

14 Aug 2016
The game of "Risk" is a game of strategy that requires you to take risk in order to win the game. In our lives, we are faced with making similar choices. But in order to win the game of life, we need to take the risks that God requires of us. Are you willing to take the risk to win in life?


7 Aug 2016
From time to time, we all experience physical fatigue. We can go to Rite Aid and buy something that will put us to sleep, but we cannot buy anything that will give us rest. Because rest is not a condition of the body, it is a condition of the soul.

Celebration Service

31 Jul 2016
On any month that has five Sundays, SFCC comes together as one church to celebrate how Jesus is working in our lives. The next Celebration Service is coming up this Sunday, July 31 at 6PM. This special service features: Amazing worship, Baby dedications, Baptisms, Powerful testimonies, Communion and much more.

Hot Topics: "The News"

31 Jul 2016
We're never short of HOT TOPICS in our news - tragedies, politics, terrorism and more. Our mind, a gift from God, can potentially store up to 100 trillion thoughts. And on a daily basis we're bombarded with competing ideas, information and ideologies from the media.

Hot Topics: "Politics"

24 Jul 2016
We're in a series called, "Hot Topics." Each week as we encounter some "hot button" issues, we look at what Jesus and His Word has to say about them. In this message we tackle "Politics" (is your temperature already starting to rise?)

Hot Topics: "Hatred"

17 Jul 2016
Something is wrong, terribly wrong with our nation. With all the violence recently, it seems that as a nation we are like a ship without a rudder and a land filled with hate. Join us in this message as we continue our series Hot Topics by looking a Jesus’s solution for our nation.

Hot Topics: "Tragedy"

10 Jul 2016
As you know, our neighbors in WV are recovering from the catastrophic tragedy of a 1000-year flood. As humans, we are all going to face devastation in our lives from relentless storms that create catastrophic loss. Join us in this message for the start of our new series entitled Hot Topic as we look at how to deal with the devastation caused by sudden tragedy.