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Celebration Service

10 Jan 2019
Celebration Service

First Week - Leave The Dent

10 Jan 2019
Leave The Dent - Pastor Nate Burns

First Week - Putting God First

7 Jan 2019

Stable Matters - After The Stable

3 Jan 2019
Stable Matters: After The Stable Pastor Kelly

Stable Matters - Joy In The Midst of Crap

27 Dec 2018
STABLE MATTERS: "JOY in the midst of crap" Some 2000 years ago, JOY was quietly delivered to earth from Heaven, surrounded by harsh realities of a violent and unstable world. JOY - a King - was tucked right in the midst of crappy circumstances. Join SFCC to celebrate the Good News of unshakable JOY no matter what difficult situation in which you may find yourself. Remember to bring a friend or family member, or go online to

Christmas Eve

24 Dec 2018
Christmas Eve 2018

Stable Matters - Nobodies Matter

20 Dec 2018
Have you ever said, “I’m nobody special; I’m not gifted; I’m not important; I have nothing to offer; or God could never use me”? If so, you’re in good company with the characters in the Stable story. Join us to learn the key to becoming a successful nobody as we continue our series, “Stable Matters!” It’s Christmas time so invite a friend who needs to know they matter, or anyone for that matter!

Stable Matters - Simplicity

13 Dec 2018
Our world has complex problems – wars, famines, catastrophes. People have complex problems - physical, emotional, spiritual. Those problems can seem so overwhelming that hope for solutions can fade. Join in @ SFCC as we continue "STABLE MATTERS" & experience the simplicity of God's solution for mankind's complex dilemma. Everyone needs a Savior!

Stable Matters - Go Tell

6 Dec 2018
Stable Matters - Go Tell by Pastor Buddy It's easy to become so familiar with the Christmas story that we almost turn it into a fable or legend in our minds, missing the beauty of what really matters. Join us as we begin our Christmas series, Stable Matters. You'll have an opportunity to gain a fresh new perspective through the important matters that came out of a simple, stinky stable. We pray the Light of this season will transform your spirit. Remember, Christmas is a great time to invite someone to one of the weekend services.


29 Nov 2018
Unfrozen - Pastor Kris Beckert Have you ever been so afraid of doing something that you did nothing at all? Fear is a powerful force that can serve to protect us but can also freeze us in our tracks, preventing us from living out the full story that God created us to live. But we see in the story of Moses that the power of faith makes it possible to override our apprehension and carry out the mission God has for us. Had Moses allowed fear to freeze him, he never would have won freedom for his people or become the biblical hero we know of today. Whatever fear you're facing, invite a friend to join us as we learn what it takes to be "unfrozen."