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Don't Be Fooled - Our Choices Affect Generations

17 May 2018
We are a distracted people. And yes, we actually miss the now because we’re too busy focusing on what’s way out the in the future. But don’t be fooled and get too caught up in the momentary feeling of the present that you neglect to realize the impact right now has on tomorrow. Our present choices carry weight and we’re not just talking about for our own future or even our kids futures. The effects of a single choice can transform generations, for better or worse. Join us as we battle plan to make sure we are impacting generations for the better, one choice at a time.

Don't Be Fooled - God Doesn't Wink At Sin

6 May 2018
Today more than ever, Christians have a tendency to minimize sin and its effect. But truth is, God loves us so much He warns about it and asks for our obedience in every area that tempts us to sin. In this message, we continue our series “Don’t Be Fooled" as we discover why "God Won’t Wink at our Sin".

Don't Be Fooled - Beyond Belief

3 May 2018
Most people in the world today would say they believe in God. Jay-Z, Lady Gaga and Oprah all say they are believers. This week in the series, "DON'T BE FOOLED - Beyond Belief", we will explore if simply believing in God is enough, or if there is more to the experience.

Celebration Service

1 May 2018
Celebration Service

Don't Be Fooled - Sexuality

26 Apr 2018
Cultural voices are competing for our attention and trust, luring us to believe what they say and promise. This week we continue our series, "DON'T BE FOOLED". Sexuality is a controversial subject in our world today. And we all get to choose who and what we will believe and live by - a cultural definition...or God's definition. Join in as we explore this important subject.

Obedience - James Onwah

19 Apr 2018
Do you love Jesus? This weekend we will explore why love is an action and not an idea. Very few people would ever put love and obey in the same sentence, but Jesus does. We're excited to welcome James and Charity Onwah, our pastors from Port Harcourt, Nigeria to Salem Fields.

Don't Be Fooled - Jesus Is Coming Back

12 Apr 2018
In our culture today, it is so easy to be fooled by what we read and watch. This week we continue our series, “Don’t Be Fooled”. Join in as we look at the evidence surrounding Jesus’ Second Coming.

Easter 2018 - Don't Be Fooled

5 Apr 2018
Easter 2018

Say What - Eat Me

29 Mar 2018
Jesus says, “Eat Me!” SAY WHAT?? Join us as we look at one of the most challenging and impossible “Say What” statements spoken by Jesus.

Say What - Don't Judge

22 Mar 2018
Jesus invites people to live in a way that leads to joy and freedom. Yet, taken at face value, His words seem impossible to live, like “love your enemies” and “don’t be anxious”. This week we will look at probably one of His most consistently broken and neglected commands yet, “Don’t judge...”. SAY WHAT?