• Devotional

    Ending or Beginning

    John 12.12-15 The next day the great crowd that had come to the festival heard that Jesus was coming to Jerusalem.
  • Life Style

    Our Ears and Eyes

    It's Family Movie Night. What in the world are we going to watch?
  • Music

    A Spring Soundtrack

    Music has a unique way of adding sound and words to articulate a moment, a thought, a feeling, a situation, or an emotion.
  • Spiritual Growth


    Have a Big Decision to Make? Consider This
  • Spiritual Growth

    The Reasonable Study of Scripture

    We seek to allow the Scripture to breathe allowing the author's intent to rise to the surface.
  • Devotional


    The most significant things are those right in front of you.
  • Books

    Crusty Judges Perfect for Today

    Timothy Keller's book, "Judges for You" is about a crusty, old book of Scripture written thousands of years ago. How could it possibly be relevant today?
  • Children

    The Perfect Child

    How is a family to cope when a perfect child is just about as rare as a perfect parent?
  • Devotional

    The Way

    Trust that Jesus knows the way, even when you don’t.
  • Children

    April Previews

    A quick look at what your kids will be learning in Children;s Ministry this April.