WonderFull Weekend

We are so excited to invite you to our Wonder-full Weekend! Come see and hear these entertaining presentations by the nationally known Christian entertainer and magician, Scott Humston. Each program is uniquely different and will offer non-stop variety of magic, music, mystery, comedy, and inspiration for every member of the family!


  • Friday, September 19th at 7PM - Magic & fun for everyone!

Everyone will love Scott and his non-stop variety program full of
fun, laughter, mystery, audience participation, comedy, and
unbelievable feats of illusion! This will be one of the greatest
evenings of entertainment for the entire family you have ever enjoyed!
Newspapers have described Scott Humston's show as "refreshingly wholesome",
"hilariously entertaining," and "an experience no one should miss."
But Scott's show is more than just entertainment. It has a message for all, revealed
in wit and warmth. He will conclude this time of outstanding entertainment with
an explanation of how the "real magic" of Christianity came into his life through
his faith in Christ.


  • Saturday, September 20th at 7PM
    - The Paranormal Experience

During the first half of this program, Scott Humston will entertain with mind-bending
feats of mental magic which he has demonstrated from coast to coast. This is one of the
most entertaining and baffling presentations being seen on the stage today.
The second half of this program is a thorough explanation of the illusion and the reality
associated with the world of the supernatural. You will find solid, Biblical answers to many
questions relative to astrology, fortune-telling, communicating with the dead, reincarnation,
psychics, and many other perplexing mysteries. The highlight will be a dramatic and memorable
visual diagram of God's plan and Satan's plan for your life. (Nursery will be provided, and children
10 and younger will have an exciting program created just for them on this special evening.)


  • Sunday, September 21st at 9AM, 11AM & 6PM - Worship Experience

The excitement and wonder continues as Scott Humston will be the speaker at these worship services.
In each service, he will bring a unique and exciting message through music, drama, and illusion.
A Wonder-Filled Worship Experience that no one should miss!



For more information on this Wonder-Full Weekend, e-mail us at info@salemfields.com

Friday, September 19, 2014 - 2:00am to Sunday, September 21, 2014 - 12:00pm