While We Wait

Job 34:21  For God watches how people live; He sees everything they do.

Galations 5:22-23  But the fruit of the Spirit [the result of His presence within us] is love [unselfish concern for others], joy, [inner] peace, patience [not the ability to wait, but how we act while waiting], kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such things there is no law.

Throughout this time of 'social isolation' God is watching the way we wait – not our ability to wait but how we act while we are waiting. While we are experiencing a compulsory time of slowing down, we need to be careful not to use this time as an excuse to shut down – to not shut down those things that are part of God’s call on our life.

This is the perfect time for concentrating on those things that the Holy Spirit has been nudging us toward. For example, God gave me a word for 2020, the word CARE: C- care for me and my family, A- affirm my call and help others affirm theirs, R-read daily, and E-exercise my spirit, mind and body. In the regular busyness of life, I have often neglected the practice of this word from God. However, this time of curtailed activities and demands is the perfect opportunity to put these into daily practice and make them daily habits.

Speaking of daily habits, we can take specific steps that will make us better at waiting. A friend of mine, Matt Chow of Faith RDX, posted these five healthy lifestyle tips which can easily be applied to our lives to make our ‘waiting’ more beneficial. 1) Do something outside daily. 2) Eat a piece of fruit every day. 3) Get enough sleep. 4) Take vitamin C. 5) Use social media and video meet-ups to keep in contact with others.

So, let us wait in a manner that uses this time to reaffirm and give attention to the things that the Holy Spirit has been nudging us toward. While we wait, let us develop habits that will benefit us in spirit, in mind, and in body. It is not our ability to wait that God is looking at, but how we act, how we use the time while we are waiting.

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