A Spring Soundtrack

Music has a unique way of adding sound and words to articulate a moment, a thought, a feeling, a situation, or an emotion. It connects the head and the heart in a way that nothing else quite can.

It is no wonder that all throughout Scripture we find praise being given to God through song. There is something so unique and beautiful how we all have different styles of music we connect with. Much like our God-given uniqueness and self-expression, the music we connect with also speaks to our individuality and personalities.

This is this reason I’m so excited to see the diversity taking place across Christian music. It isn’t confined to one genre, style, or type. Instead, it embraces uniqueness to still lift up the name of Jesus and bring words and sound to human circumstances and experiences.

Below is a list of 15 new-ish songs, to broaden our scope of what worship can be, and to provide you with a new soundtrack for spring. Check it out!

Click the PLAYLIST ICON in the top of the player to view all of the songs.

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