Spring Reading List

Who says you have to wait until summer to dive into good books? Below you will find a quick list of four books to check out this spring that will help your grow spiritually!

The Last Arrow by Erwin McManus

Erwin is an amazing leader. He is the pastor of Mosaic Church in Los Angeles, California and is one of the most innovative and creative minds you will come across. He just recently released The Way of the Warrior and has a number of other books on his resume, but The Last Arrow is such a valuable read that it had to be on this list. It challenges the complacency that we often settle into, whether it be in our faith or neglecting the dreams that sit in our heart. Erwin challenges us to live a life of no regrets and to pursue all that God has for us with an audacious faith and fierce tenacity. By the end of the book, you will be ready to chase your God-given destiny and leave nothing on the table.



Love Does by Bob Goff

Everyone needs a Bob Goff in their life. Whether it be his zeal for life and people, the wild stories that he has accumulated over the course of his life, or his uncanny ability to make you feel like you can conquer the world, Bob Goff is the grandfather you never knew you wanted, or needed. Bob just released Everybody Always, which is viewed as the sequel to Love Does, which is why I’m suggesting the first one here, but either one, in any order, won’t disappoint. In Love Does, Bob takes you on an adventure of humor, boldness, wisdom and down-right jaw-dropping experience, all in an effort to demonstrate a truth that should be rooted in us all; love is active. You will be inspired to live and love with faith, boldness, and a sense of child-like wonder and be challenged to not just speak love, but demonstrate it like never before.



Whisper by Mark Batterson

I can’t do a reading list without putting Mark Batterson on it. Not only is he a friend of Salem Fields Community Church, but he’s a brilliant leader and writer who always has something valuable to say. His book Whisper brings insight and wisdom to a question I get asked often; “How do I hear the voice of God”?. Mark breaks down key ways in which we hear the Holy Spirit, all backed by Scripture, providing the reader with a valuable tool in understanding and discerning the voice of God. Mark always writes in a way that makes a deep subject matter accessible, using word-illustrations that bring forth a lot of light-bulb moments, and Whisper is no different. Truly a great read for anyone seeking to understand how to hear the voice of God.



Through the Eyes of A Lion by Levi Lusko

Levi has written a lot of valuable books. If you have a teenager, I highly suggest reading Swipe Right with your teen. However, his book Through the Eyes of A Lion is the one that I put on this list because I understand that this list isn’t greeting everyone in a spring that is bringing joy. Though the weather is warmer and the sun is out longer, that doesn’t mean that many of us feel like we aren’t still in a season of winter. Levi writes this book from a place of deep grief as it comes out of a season of losing a child and working out that heartache and struggle with Jesus. It’s a deeply personal book, but one that truly brings hope and perspective to the pain. I know it helped my wife and I through our darkest season, and I believe it can do the same for you. Even if you don’t find yourself in a season of struggle, it’s a great resource that can help you help someone else.



These are four books to get you started this spring. I’ll do another one again once we get closer to summer, but no matter what spiritual season you find yourself in, there’s a book in this list that will help you grow and flourish just like a spring season should (yeah…I know that’s cheesy, but I’m cool with it).

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