The Perfect Child

Ahh... the elusive perfect kid.  It is something as parents we have always hoped and dreamed for but somehow, I have yet to find someone who has one, including myself. 

I have wonderful and amazing children who I love very much and are the light of the world.  If I am honest, though, they don’t always live up to my expectations. And again, if I am honest, I have found myself feeling extremely frustrated and disappointed when they have not met my expectations. And often these feelings of frustration and disappointment have affected the way I parent and affect my relationship with my kids.

Unfortunately, no matter how perfect of a parent you think you are, the perfect parent does not exist.

There are a few things I have learned in the last few years though which has helped me cope with not having perfect children. First, I had to come to a tough realization that the perfect child does not exist.  And, unfortunately, no matter how perfect of a parent you think you are, the perfect parent does not exist either. 

Second, I learned that the perfect child does not exist because just like you and me they are human.  And we must let them be human. They are growing and learning and figuring out this great big world and they are going to make a lot of mistakes along the way.  A lot.

I am especially realizing this as I am knee deep in teenager-dom in my household. And yes, it is my job to help teach and guide them on how to be decent human beings.

However, the biggest lesson I have learned is it is also my job to show them grace. More than anything while they figure this life out and make mistakes along the way they need love and grace.  They need the same love and grace I get from God every day because I too am human, and I too am far from perfect.   

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