I'm Melting

One of the only places you will hear the name of Jesus proclaimed more often than in a church is at a hot pepper eating contest. I love watching videos of people eating hot peppers, and I highly recommend both watching the videos and eating hot peppers.

Everyone who knows me knows I love super hot food, including each one of the peppers represented in the video below. Yes, I have grown and am growing Carolina Reapers right now. No, I won't give you any unless you allow me to record a video of you eating one! Anyway, I was thinking about how I got into eating hot things.

When I was a kid, I had very little tolerance for hot foods, but my dad would not relent. Nearly every meal was served with some form of hot pepper, fresh from the garden. Slowly but surely I began to acclimate to the pepper and thanks to my dad, eat the most ridiculously hot peppers I can tolerate. Why? I really don't know but I just do it, lol. The point is that slowly but surely, we can get used to things that we couldn't tolerate before. 

I found this to be true with many things in my life, some far more damaging than hot peppers. Well, we can talk about that while sharing a hot pepper someday. Let me know if you want some, and enjoy the video!