April Previews

April is here and that means so is Easter!!!  We are very excited to begin our Easter month at Salem Fields because it is always such an exciting time as we celebrate Jesus. 

Pre-K ​

And this month our preschoolers will be celebrating how Jesus is our Best Friend Forever.  We will learn how Jesus is really our best friend ever because he sacrificed his life for us. He died and came back to life so we can be with God forever. It is the most amazing and incredible thing that has ever happened!

God loves us so much that He gave us Jesus. And Jesus is alive and wants to be our friend forever. He’s will never leave us and never stop loving us. To see more about what our preschoolers will be learning each week throughout April, watch this monthly preview video:    

Elementary Kids  

It is April and that means Easter is coming!  Easter is such an exciting time for us here at Salem Fields because it is the time we get to celebrate the best things ever: Jesus.  And we get to celebrate the story of Jesus because of what it brings: Hope. 

This month, our elementary kids will be learning about the Hope we find in the story of Jesus. We can have hope in Jesus’ story because He is alive.  And we can have hope in Jesus’s story because of God’s promises through Jesus.

We are often limited in what we see and understand, but we can believe in a God we know keeps His promises. Our hope is rooted in a good God who is working to make something beautiful of our lives.

To see more about what they will be learning each week, watch this monthly preview video: