Lent Day 28

“If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.” (John 15: 7)

Remember the Star Wars evil Emperor, Darth Sidious, who cried out “Unlimited power!” as he was using the “dark force” to destroy a Jedi master?  Well, if you don’t, there is nothing lost there. When Jesus was meeting with his disciples for the last time before he was arrested and crucified, he revealed something amazing.  Jesus gave the apostles virtually unlimited power – to ask for anything and it will be done. The implication from John 17:22 is that we also have this right to ask for anything and it will be done.  Just like that!

But does Jesus really mean we have unlimited power?  Are there limits to the power he gave us?  Actually, no, I do not think there are any real limits, but there are requirements. Even Darth Sidious had certain requirements for using the dark force…but I digress.  What is my requirement?  That I remain in Jesus and His words remain in me.

If I remain in Jesus, then His heart becomes my heart, His love becomes my love, His passions for the lost and lonely become my own passions. And if His words remain in me, I have to fully trust that his messages in Scripture apply to me today, to where I am and what I do and say. I need to meditate on his Word and even (should I say it?) memorize some passages that speak to me.

So what would I ask for?  I may not be limited, however, there are some things I might want that are not in keeping with the requirement.  Does what I want bring honor and glory to God, or does it glorify myself?  Does my request align with what I believe to be God’s own plans?  I might not be sure, but God surely knows.

When my wife and I learned we could not have children on our own, we prayed for God to change it, that a miracle would reverse the doctor’s diagnosis.  That did not happen, and so there was a period of mourning in which our friends rallied around to comfort us.  Then we prayed for a baby we could adopt. That very week our son-to-be was conceived. Many miraculous events transpired that we are still in awe about.  We have learned to trust in God’s great unlimited power to accomplish what brings Him honor and glory.

Lord, we don’t fully understand Your will, but we trust You.  Help us learn how to live in You and have Your words live in us.  And thank You for that unlimited power You gave us as we ask in prayer, according to Your honor and glory.  Amen.  

Written by Steve Peppers

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