Lent Day 24

"Mountains and Timber"

“Go up into the mountains and bring down timber and build my house, so that I may take pleasure in it and be honored,” says the Lord.  (Haggai 1:8)

In the mountains Abraham met with God, who gave him a ram to sacrifice.  In the mountains Moses talked with God and received instructions.  In the mountains Jesus went for prayer with His Father and there he called his 12 disciples. The mountains often symbolize God’s presence.

While the original book of Haggai was directed to the Jewish leaders in 520 BC, I believe God can use such Scripture to quicken a new and personal meaning to those who seek Him.  About forty-one years ago, God used Haggai 1:8 to speak to me and my engaged wife.  God encouraged us to meet with Him and to receive the timber for building our house of marriage. Just as timber provides form and strength to a physical house, we believe God asked us to listen and apply God’s Word, so He would form and strengthen our house of marriage.  

For what purpose?  I have seen many scriptures that address how a house built poorly can be a problem, such as collapsing in a storm.  But this verse speaks of the end goal of honoring and pleasing God.  Such an awesome promise from an awesome God!  I don’t know anything more fulfilling than pleasing God.  

Of course, honoring and pleasing God does not mean we escape problems.  We have had some hard trials. God got us through these as we continued to trust Him.  And we still believe He is honored and pleased when we “go up into the mountains” to meet with Him.

So is this life verse only for me and my wife?  Are we the only ones God can quicken this verse for?  I doubt that.  I’m sharing this because maybe you also need to recognize God speaking to you about your house.  Maybe it’s not about marriage, maybe about a different sort of house – maybe the house of your career, your health, or your extended family. Is God asking you to “go up into the mountains” to meet with Him and to bring down his timbers, His building materials?

Lord, help me hear whatever You may be saying to me.  Help me commit to meet with You and to listen through Scripture and prayer. And help me to use Your timber in my house for Your pleasure and honor.  Amen.

Written by Steve Peppers

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Dawn - March 24th, 2023 at 6:10am

This devotion is well written and timely for me. Thank you for sharing.