Lent Day 9

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know. (Jeremiah 33:3)

This is one of my favorite promises. God wants me to call out to him and listen. He seems eager and delighted to reveal what is in his heart to anyone who calls out and wants to hear.

The other day as I was reading in the book of Mark, I was reminded how Jesus himself considered prayer to be so important that he made a planned special time for it (Mk 2:35). Jesus needed to dialog with his Father. In response, I decided to spend time each morning in prayer during my drive to work after a short devotional app on my phone. I determined that I would talk aloud to God during that time and that I would listen for his voice in my spirit.

A couple of days later as I was just beginning to talk with God while driving, something caught my attention on the right side in a field. A thin white vertical pole was in front of a more distant horizontal white line of some sort, forming the appearance of a cross. As I was suddenly attracted to the sight, the horizontal bar moved to the left, leaving the pole behind. (This was all only for a brief time without other cars around.)  Of course, I realized this parallax view naturally changed, the passing of two objects far apart from each other. But the symbolism stuck and played in my mind. I have seen many cross illustrations that relate believers to God vertically (saving and maturing) and to others horizontally (witnessing and fellowship). But as I saw that the horizontal bar now all by itself, I was reminded that there are so many people who only have that, no vertical relationship to God. Where will they find the vertical pole and relate to God? I thought that is my job, at least in part. I should look for ways to help those without connection to find Jesus through what I do and what I say. God will do his part through his Spirit.

God, help me to show the vertical bar for those who do not know you yet, to demonstrate Christ by my actions and words. Help me to recognize opportunities to speak love and acceptance to hurting work mates. Give me words of encouragement so that I may leave no conversation without showing hope. Help me be a gentle witness that you use to bring souls into your saving faith. Amen.

Written by Steve Peppers

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Dawn - March 6th, 2023 at 10:26am

I could see what you were describing.