Lent Day 11

"Ask and it will be given to you; Seek and you will find, Knock and the door will be opened for you." -Matthew 7:7 (NIV)

 I had been missing church services due to a spate of minor illnesses and a series of family events.  Each week, I’d get a text from a good friend of mine: “Are you going to be in church today?” or “What service are you attending?”  This is less a story about being heckled into church attendance, and more about the culmination of something we’ll call “The Great Vanilla Experiment”.

It started when my friend stayed over during last year’s snowmaggedon. While with us, she followed a recipe to make her own vanilla. It had to be stored for a year, and we both wondered if it would really work.

Fast forward one year, and I was having a hard time finding vanilla in my local grocery store. So naturally that got me reflecting, and I sent a text asking if the vanilla experiment had worked out.  Her response?  That’s what I’ve been trying to give you, but you haven’t been at church!  
We had a good laugh, but I realized that the situation could very well be a message from God. He, too, is ready to give me a spiritual something that I’m looking for, but it requires “showing up” by spending time with him through Bible reading and prayer.  

For me, this spoke about the importance of time spent with Him on a daily basis. This is what works for me, but what is it for you? What are the habits and routines that help you stay attentive to the good things, the things you need and want to hear from God?

Prayer: Lord, help me to take the time to stop and ask you for what I need. Help me to take a moment to look for you in my everyday life. Thank you for your promise to open spiritual doors for me when I take the time to knock. Amen.

Written by Stephanie Smith

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