For centuries, Christians have used the 40 days leading up to Easter, called Lent, as an intentional time to focus on Jesus.

Join us this Lent on the Road to Hope as we post a short devotion each morning to start your day with a Christ-centered perspective.

Be encouraged. Be inspired. Be challenged. Be changed.

  • Devotional

    Questions pt.1

    It can be a humbling situation when you are searching for the right words but drawing a complete blank
  • Devotional


    There are some moments in our lives that will change our course forever.
  • Devotional


    The highest peaks come with excitement and accomplishment. But they also come with danger.
  • Devotional


    If only we could see more than what we are currently seeing.
  • Devotional


    Sometimes you strain to make sense of it on your own.
  • Devotional


    Human beings love when things are predictable because it brings comfort and gives the illusion we are in control. Until the unpredictable happens.