For centuries, Christians have used the 40 days leading up to Easter, called Lent, as an intentional time to focus on Jesus.

Join us this Lent on the Road to Hope as we post a short devotion each morning to start your day with a Christ-centered perspective.

Be encouraged. Be inspired. Be challenged. Be changed.

  • Devotional


    Is there anything thicker than blood?
  • Devotional

    Stand Out

    Standing out is worth more than selling out.
  • Devotional


    Complicatedness brings cloudiness, even to the point of making some people walk away from the very thing they’re looking for.
  • Devotional


    The test of relationship comes when the fireworks fade.
  • Devotional


    The journey of 1000 miles begins with one step.
  • Devotional


    When what we see surpasses our expectations of what we've heard.
  • Devotional

    The One?

    Well that isn’t what I expected
  • Devotional


    Amazing faith is faith that’s exercised.
  • Devotional

    Do Something

    When it’s easier to do nothing, do something.
  • Devotional


    Desperation is a road where Jesus isn’t afraid to meet you.
  • Devotional


    To go where you’re called, you need to move from where you’ve been.
  • Devotional

    Questions pt.2

    Knowing is only half the battle. What happens when knowledge does not lead to understanding?