For centuries, Christians have used the 40 days leading up to Easter, called Lent, as an intentional time to focus on Jesus.

Join us this Lent on the Road to Hope as we post a short devotion each morning to start your day with a Christ-centered perspective.

Be encouraged. Be inspired. Be challenged. Be changed.

  • Devotional

    Who Am I

    Of course, I know who you are, Jesus!
  • Devotional


    Opposition shows what you’re made of.
  • Devotional

    Letting Go

    The hardest thing is letting go.
  • Devotional


    Sometimes you have to let someone else do the lifting.
  • Devotional


    Sometimes it just takes time.
  • Devotional


    When is Jesus going to get here?
  • Devotional


    Real shepherds do not cut and run.
  • Devotional

    Plastic Flowers

    Plant real flowers, not plastic ones.
  • Devotional

    Look In

    Look in before you look out.
  • Devotional


    A "later" too easily becomes a "never."
  • Devotional

    Reality Check

    Get ready for a reality check.
  • Devotional


    Hide and Seek is not just a child’s game.