Leadership Board

Current Leadership Board Members

Cherie Rackey
Term: 2018-2020

Term: 2018-2020

Allen Payne
Term: 2018-2020

Term: 2018-2020

Term: 2017-2019

TERM: 2017-2019

Mike Nelms
Term: 2017-2019

Brad Church
Term: 2017-2019

Mary Zackius-Shittu
Term: 2017-2019

Justin Mosser
Term: 2017-2019

Leadership Board Qualifications

  1. With God help and by His grace live out the Salem Fields Honor Code (Titus 1:7-9 (MSG)
  2. Be a member of SFCC.
  3. Financially support SFCC through tithing (10%) and sacrificially giving to support the vision of reBuild. (If you are not currently giving to reBuild you will agree to make a financial commitment in support of the Vision.)
  4. Volunteer in a ministry outside of your role on the Leadership Board.
  5. Actively and regularly attend services of SFCC and other significant events such as the Celebration Service, Special Prayer events, Leadership training events, Classes and other events deemed important by the Lead Pastors.
  6. Be a positive influence and spiritual leader in the congregation.
  7. Communicate, support and carry the vision of SFCC to the congregation and community.
  8. Be able and willing to make hard decisions.
  9. Demonstrate an active and growing faith.
  10. Have the ability to support the decisions made by the majority, even if opposed personally.
  11. Be sensitive (attentive) to the heartbeat of the congregation and community.
  12. If you have not already take SFCC Plugged-In Class you will agree to do it ASAP.
  13. Commit to a 2-year term as a member of the Leadership Board.
  14. Reach others for Christ and continue on your journey to being a fully devoted follower of Christ!