• Music

    My Song for the Summer

    Everyone's got that song they like to listen to in the summertime, here's mine!
  • Music

    Album Review: "People" by Hillsong United

    A review of the new Hillsong United Album "People"
  • Music

    Oldies but Goodies

    Here's my top five "oldies but goodies" albums.
  • Music

    Joy in The Valley

    Have you ever been in a circumstance in your life where it has been difficult for you to be joyful?
  • Music

    My Song for the Season

    Has God ever spoken to you through a song? Whenever we are in a season, sometimes God speaks to us in a song.
  • Music

    A Spring Soundtrack

    Music has a unique way of adding sound and words to articulate a moment.
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