Everything's Changed - Part One

Apr 19, 2020
• Length: 01:03:43
“Everything’s changed.” Wouldn’t you agree? With so many recent changes in our lives come so many concerns, and it’s enough to make your head spin. But did you know that Jesus’ disciples faced similar uncertainty and anxiety after the resurrection of Jesus? At first, none of them really understood that Jesus had risen from the dead. But by the end of 40 days, Jesus visited each of them, changed their minds, and initiated another change they did not expect— a change in THEM. In the midst of a crazy time in history, these initially scared and disappointed men and women were transformed into courageous people who went on to bear the good news of Jesus around the world. Join us in this episode for the first installment of our new 7-week message series “Everything’s Changed” with a look at how an unexpected detour becomes the very road where God shows up. And be sure to bring a pen and paper to draw along.
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