Message Podcasts


Celebration Service

22 May 2016
On any month that has five Sundays, SFCC comes together as one church to celebrate how Jesus is working in our lives.

Family: "Family Time"

15 May 2016
Between this past Sunday and this Saturday, you will have used up 604,800 seconds living your life. How much of that time was spent with God and your family? Join us in this message as we continue our series called Family to discover how to rebuild and strengthen the time God has given us.

Family: "Basics"

8 May 2016
The Brady Bunch has left the building and the day we live in has changed the family forever. Join us in this message as we begin a new series called FAMILY to discover the basic ingredients for rebuilding or strengthening your family.

Unleash: "Holy Spirit"

1 May 2016
Do you want your love for God and others to grow? Do you want victory over the sins that control your life? Do you want your faith in God to grow in areas where you have no faith? Do you want your life to take on a whole new meaning and purpose? Do you want the power to unleash your full spiritual potential? If you answered yes to any of these question, then join us in this message as we continue our series Unleash.

Unleash: "Prayer"

24 Apr 2016
This week we will explore how to unleash our spiritual potential through the power of prayer. We will discover just how easy it is to pray and how to overcome some of the roadblocks that hinder us from having a thriving prayer life. Don't miss it!

Unleash: "Church"

17 Apr 2016
Did you know that CHURCH plays a huge part in unleashing your full potential? This weekend we explore the importance and purpose church has in fulfilling the story of god, and also in completing your life.

Unleash: "Bible"

10 Apr 2016
The Bible promises comfort, strength, hope, wisdom, joy, power, and purpose. But just because you have a Bible doesn't mean you're going to get the benefit from it. Join us in this series as we begin a new 4-week series called "Unleash" as we discover from the book of James how your Bible can help you Unleash Your Spiritual Potential.

Rebuild: "Easter"

3 Apr 2016
Watch as Pastor Kelly discusses how we got from Nehemiah's wall to Easter. Invite a friend to watch!

The Sounds Of Easter

27 Mar 2016
LISTEN CLOSELY, Easter has arrived and it's time to come alive! Come celebrate new life in Jesus and His Resurrection through the "Sounds Of Easter." It's a new day and hope is yours for the taking! He is Risen Indeed.

Rebuild: "Celerabation"

20 Mar 2016
Nehemiah took the celebration as seriously as he took the rebuilding of the wall because he knew celebration was the final step of the project. Join us in this message as we discover the elements of celebration and as we celebrate the overwhelming outpouring of generosity!