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Hot Topics: "Politics"

24 Jul 2016
We're in a series called, "Hot Topics." Each week as we encounter some "hot button" issues, we look at what Jesus and His Word has to say about them. In this message we tackle "Politics" (is your temperature already starting to rise?)

Hot Topics: "Hatred"

17 Jul 2016
Something is wrong, terribly wrong with our nation. With all the violence recently, it seems that as a nation we are like a ship without a rudder and a land filled with hate. Join us in this message as we continue our series Hot Topics by looking a Jesus’s solution for our nation.

Hot Topics: "Tragedy"

10 Jul 2016
As you know, our neighbors in WV are recovering from the catastrophic tragedy of a 1000-year flood. As humans, we are all going to face devastation in our lives from relentless storms that create catastrophic loss. Join us in this message for the start of our new series entitled Hot Topic as we look at how to deal with the devastation caused by sudden tragedy.

The Advocte

3 Jul 2016
God's heart for the weak and oppressed as expressed in the Bible proves two things about Him. First, He is an advocate - a refuge. Second, He expects us to be the same.

Rebuild: "Your Finances"

26 Jun 2016
We live in a culture based on instant gratification. Buy now – pay later. Of course, this causes enormous problems not only in culture but also in our individual families and lives. Consumer debt in America now stands at 2.5 trillion dollars. That’s not what the government owes. That’s what you and I owe. It's clear a lot of people are struggling with their money and need help. Join us in this message as we discover the biblical principles on How To reBuild Your Finances.

Real Man

19 Jun 2016
Father's Day is here and most of us that are fathers are trying our best to be real men for our family, but our definition of that has been taught to most of us by a world view of being a man. Join us in this message as we discover how we can be real men - the way God defines it.

Family: "We Win"

12 Jun 2016
We've had a lot of fun playing Family Feud in this series, FAMILY. But unlike the game, in real life families don't win by competing against each other. Families win WITH each other by learning to cooperate and communicate, two necessary skills in relationship success. Invite a family member and friend to watch as we see how as "Family, WE Win!"

Family: "Reaching Our Youth at Home"

5 Jun 2016
For the past several weeks, we have focused on various aspects of the family. Join us in this message as we will focus on reaching youth in the home. We will discuss the top 3 spiritual tools for helping your youth grow and develop into the person God has called them to be.

Family: "Fight For Your Children"

29 May 2016
Join us in this message as we continue our series Family. This week we will look at the primary responsibility parents have in fighting for the spiritual lives of their children and grandchildren.

Family: "Feud and No Regrets"

22 May 2016
Family Feud is a fun game. But sadly for many, the title is closer to reality - families feud. And too often, it splits family relationships apart. Invite a friend or family member to watch as we discover how peace can be found in spite of problems and regrets can be minimized