Neighboring - Can I Borrow A Cup Of Sugar

Aug 29, 2019
• Length: 01:08:45
Sometimes in our hectic lives, we can easily miss treasures that are all around us, even as close as right next door. In our series, "Neighboring", we'll look at how those neighbors on your street, cul-de-sac, or even right next door might be one of those overlooked treasures.

Neighboring - Who Are Our Neighbors

Aug 22, 2019
• Length: 01:09:06:07
Many of us are familiar with Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and how Mr. Rogers would come in singing, "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor. Would you be mine?" The song is so inviting as he was asking for everyone to be his neighbor. You and I live in a world where most people don't want to be a neighbor or we don't realize what a neighbor is. Join us as we take another look into neighboring and discovering who our neighbors are.

Neighboring - What & How

Aug 15, 2019
• Length: 01:18:00
If the church was created to transform the world, why isn't today’s church having that kind of impact? Join us as we begin a new series, “NEIGHBORING” as we look at why SFCC exists, and how we can transform our world one neighbor and one neighborhood at a time.

Gone Fishin' - Rest

Aug 08, 2019
• Length: 1:29:17
Have you ever needed a vacation after your vacation? Sometimes the things we do for rest really don't refresh, recharge and rejuvenate our body, mind and spirit. In this message, we close our series GONE FISHIN' by hooking into God's design for REST. The big catch: rest is more about RE-creation than recreation.

Gone Fishin' - Going Deeper

Aug 01, 2019
• Length: 01:11:21
Salem Fields Community Church has GONE FISHIN'. You may never have thought of this before, but the way people fish, parallels with how we live our spiritual lives.

Gone Fishin' - Perspective

Jul 25, 2019
• Length: 01:15:40
When the fish aren’t biting, fishing can turn into a lot of thinking. That’s the beautiful thing about fishing though, or even taking a step back in general - it gives you time to get some perspective that gets lost in our day to day life. Join in as we evaluate our outlook and seek to insure we have the right perspective in every facet of our lives.

Gone Fishin' - Expect the Unexpected

Jul 18, 2019
• Length: 01:22:00
Join us for a new series, “Gone Fishin'!" We all face times in life when we want to unhook from the the rat-race and daily grind - maybe like when someone has "gone fishin'". This week we'll see how an unexpected meeting with Jesus can do just that by changing your life and circumstances forever.

James Onwah

Jul 11, 2019
• Length: 01:17:57
Join us as we listen to a special message from our friends James and Charity Onwah of Salem Fields Nigeria.

G.O.A.T The Greatest of All Time: Jesus

Jul 04, 2019
• Length: 01:18:36
When it comes to naming a G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time), it seems everyone has a differing opinion. People tend to choose based on personal values & preference. But could it be possible that Jesus is the ACTUAL G.O.A.T? Some say "yes", some, "no", and others, "maybe". What do you say? Why? Join in as the series, G.O.A.T concludes.

G.O.A.T The Greatest of All Time: John

Jun 27, 2019
• Length: 1:09:28
This G.O.A.T. of the Bible was a fisherman, an author, a leader, and one of Jesus' closest disciples. But his greatness came not by pursuing position, power, or prestige. Rather, with the help of Jesus, he learned that true greatness, the way to move up in life, is to move down. Join us as we discover how John came to redefine greatness in his life - and we can too.


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