G.O.A.T: David

Jun 20, 2019
• Length: 1:15:31
This G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) of the Bible was a musician, a shepherd, a giant slayer, and a king. Yet the thing that truly makes him great doesn't come from his success. Sometimes the things that can make a person great happens when we learn to work through failure. Join in as we learn how we can be like David and be great even when we might fail.

G.O.A.T: Deborah

Jun 13, 2019
• Length: 01:16:49
Who would you consider a G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time)? Walt Disney, Mohammad Ali, Mother Teresa, The Beatles, Moses - all legit possibilities. But sometimes a G.O.A.T. might be a person you've never heard of; someone who simply made themselves available and silently changed history. Join in as we open a new series with DEBORAH as the headliner, a Wonder Woman of the Old Testament.

Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

Jun 06, 2019
• Length: 01:03:30
Did you know that your heart always moves toward what you treasure most, and God wants you to move toward Him? Join us as we discover how we can move closer to God.

There Is More

May 30, 2019
• Length: 01:17:12
Have you ever wondered if there's more to life than what's on the horizon? Have you ever wondered if there's more to Christianity than just believing in Jesus and going to church? It turns out there IS more. Join us as we discover how life becomes so much more when it's lived for a bigger purpose.

Choosing Hope - When It Doesn't Make Sense

May 23, 2019
• Length: 01:11:39
We are going to look at how to choose hope when life doesn’t make sense. You don’t want to miss this as our special guest will be Ms. Wheelchair Virginia, Vicki Varner. She will share her story of hope following a tragic accident.

Choosing Hope - Hear

May 16, 2019
• Length: 1:20:56
A flyer came in the mail that said May is Better Hearing Month. It was an advertisement to get your physical hearing checked. But what about your spiritual hearing? Are you able to hear and discern God's voice? Tune in to sharpen your spiritual hearing as we continue our series, CHOOSING HOPE When I Can't Hear It.

Choosing Hope - Feel

May 09, 2019
• Length: 01:18:57
Join us as we continue our series by exploring what it means to have hope even when we can't feel it or when it seems God's presence is nowhere to be found. No matter how you feel or what is going on in your life, there is always hope.

Choosing Hope - When I Cannot See

May 02, 2019
• Length: 01:05:52
We are beginning our new series called “CHOOSING HOPE!” Even when you cannot see God's hand, hope is available. IN this service we will also be celebrating Biker Sunday.

Easter 2019

Apr 25, 2019
• Length: 1:17:03
Spring has sprung and EASTER IS HERE! Without Jesus being raised from the dead, humanity would remain caught in the grip of hopelessness. This day, Resurrection Day, represents HOPE! HE IS RISEN & WE HAVE HOPE!

Encounters - Peter

Apr 07, 2019
• Length: 01:19:28
If you have ever known the shame and disappointment of failure, this ENCOUNTER is for you! Join in as we look at how an encounter with Jesus can change everything.


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