Encounters - Pontius Pilate

Mar 31, 2019
• Length: 01:08:07
In this podcast we will experience the haunting, face-to-face ENCOUNTER between Jesus and Pontius Pilate, the one who ordered Jesus' execution. Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?” In a fallen world, people seem to be willing to bend the truth to advance or protect themselves. As we contrast how each responded, answer for yourself, "What is truth?"

Celebration Service

Mar 31, 2019
• Length: 01:04:55
On any month that has five Sundays, SFCC comes together as one church to celebrate how Jesus is working in our lives.

Encounters - The Skeptic

Mar 14, 2019
• Length: 01:14:41
Our lives tell stories of encounters-- seemingly chance meetings with people that can, and often do, change us forever. The story of Jesus is a story of encounters. Some are skeptics, while others are outcasts. Some seek him out, while others stumble upon him. But no one remains unchanged.


Mar 11, 2019
• Length: 01:01:57
Redemption...what does it mean that we are redeemed? What does it look like? The Bible shows us how God can use some of the most unlikely people to demonstrate His love for us by redeeming our lives. Join us as we take a look at a few different examples where things just don't seem to add up.

The Right Response

Feb 28, 2019
• Length: 01:06:00
If someone gave up everything for you, what would you say The Right Response would be? During this message will explore how to cultivate a generous spirit and why the right response to the gift of Jesus is always obedience.

Lean In - Clean Body

Feb 25, 2019
• Length: 01:12:24
Lean In - Clean Body - Pastor Kris Beckert The human body is an amazing thing. It can run marathons, store terabytes of data, and undergo hundreds of processes without us being aware. But did you know that what we do with our body also impacts us spiritually? Join us as we wrap up our series "Lean In" as we explore how a "washed body" helps us draw closer to God.

Lean In - Clear Conscience

Feb 18, 2019
• Length: 01:11:54
Glen Campbell once said, “There is no pillow as soft as a clear conscience.” Join in as the series, “Lean In” continues, to discover the importance of a clear conscience in drawing closer to God.

Lean In - Faith

Feb 11, 2019
• Length: 01:14:01
Leaning into God is our life’s greatest adventure, filled with wonder and fulfillment. The lean began with allowing God to create a sincere heart within us allowing us to live our lives honestly before Him and others. In this message, we will explore the beginning of the dance of faith with our Savior. We will learn the trust to follow as we spin around the dance floor of life, and even begin to explore what it means to lean out.

Lean In - A Sincere Heart

Feb 04, 2019
• Length: 01:06:30
What if everything you need for a rich and satisfying life is somewhere right there, within your reach? It’s easy to miss if we’re not careful! Join us as we begin a new series, LEAN IN. In Hebrews it says, “..draw near to God with a sincere heart…” It begins right there.

Carry The Love

Jan 28, 2019
• Length: 01:12:35
In this message, our special guest speaker, Brooklyn Lindsey spoke to hundreds of students from all over the state for the 2019 Winter Retreat.


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