Eternity: What Is Hell

Mar 26, 2015
• Length: 40:12
The Bible teaches that there are only two directions you can go after death: Heaven or Hell. Join us in this message as we continue our series Eternity by looking at a subject that’s not talked about much in churches today but it is a subject that people today seem to be obsessed with. Hell! Join us as we discover what the Bible teaches about Hell.

Eternity: Life After Death

Mar 19, 2015
• Length: 39:32
In this message, we are kicking off our new series titled Eternity that will take us right into the celebration of Easter. There's some great news for you - ever since you were conceived in your mother's womb the clock has been ticking leading you closer to death. Wow, great news, right? Well, what if I told you that there was life after death that is available to everyone? Most of the world does believe in a life after death, but only in the spiritual sense. I want to share with you in this message that the life after death that is available to you and I is much more than just a spiritual life. Join us in this message as we discuss "Life after Death: a Journey into Eternity."

Observations From The Money Road

Mar 12, 2015
• Length: 41:12
The reality is that our personal finances (money) have a tendency to affect our daily lives, our relationships, our marriages, and our general demeanor. The Bible is full of scripture that references money and our worldly possessions; clearly God knew of this connection. John Dix, who has been counseling people over the last 20 years in the area of personal finances, shares his observations about money and what the connection between our personal finances and our spiritual journey is.

Live Love Dance Repeat: Repeat

Mar 05, 2015
• Length: 48:14
Advertisers know how to use repetition to hook their products into our brains. Repetitive patterns grab our attention, leading us to familiarity and comfort. In our lifetime, we develop both positive and negative patterns. In this message we conclude our series with a positive life pattern that can lead to great relationships, "Live, Love, Dance, REPEAT".

Live Love Dance Repeat: Dance

Feb 26, 2015
• Length: 37:27
Has your marriage become a bore! Is something missing? Does it feel meaningless? In this message we continue our series “Live. Love. Dance. Repeat." as we discover an essential ingredient that just might be missing in your relationship.

Live Love Dance Repeat: Love

Feb 19, 2015
• Length: 39:13
This series Live, Love, Dance, Repeat continues as we discover what love is. Many of us enter into relationships trying to find true love, but we go into it by basing what love is on attraction and chemistry. As we seek first the kingdom of God we can discover what real love is.

Live Love Dance Repeat: Live

Feb 12, 2015
• Length: 33:51
It's very easy to look at what we lack in our lives. We live in a society that tells us everyday what we need in order to "be happy" or what we need in order to "keep up". Add into the equation the instant access to information on social media about the world and those around and it can be very easy to become discontent with our own lives or situations. As we begin our new series "Live. Love. Dance. Repeat", we will look at the ways we can LIVE in peace no matter what our relationship status, social status, financial status, or even facebook status!

First Testimonies

Feb 05, 2015
• Length: 33:56
In this message, we celebrate all that God did in our lives during our First Revival.


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