Father's Day With Dexter Manley

Jun 25, 2015
• Length: 39:15
Former Redskin and Super Bowl Champion Dexter Manley is a former pro bowler, 2 time Super Bowl champion, and one of the 70 Greatest Washington Redskins.

Twisted: "God's Not There"

Jun 18, 2015
• Length: 37:22
We finish up our series, "TWISTED" by looking at a common misconception we have when bad things happen in our life and world - "God's Not There." We're tempted to believe that even if He is out there somewhere, He must not care. Invite a friend to watch as we explore God's true character and His promise for all mankind.

Twisted: "There Are Many Ways To God"

Jun 12, 2015
• Length: 32:59
In this message we will continue our series "Twisted". In our politically correct world, it is very common to hear that there are many different ways to God. Join us as we unpack one of the most common twisted thinking in our culture.

God Provides

Jun 04, 2015
• Length: 35:53
In this message we will explore what it means to depend on God's provision for our lives. We'll look at how even the disciples, who saw Jesus perform miracles that fed thousands with just a few loaves of bread, didn't always understand. Bottom line, you can trust God to provide because your "little" becomes "much" when you place it in the hands of Jesus.

Celebration Service

Jun 04, 2015
• Length: 45:18
SFCC comes together as one church to celebrate how Jesus is working in our lives. This episode features: Baby dedications, Baptisms, Powerful testimonies, Communion and much more.

Twisted: Sin Doesn't Matter

May 28, 2015
• Length: 37:43
The philosophy of our day is you can do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. Join us in this message as we continue our series “Twisted” as we unwind the twisted thinking of this philosophy.

Twisted: "God Just Wants Me To Be Happy"

May 21, 2015
• Length: 47:39
Without realizing it, our beliefs can get twisted, affecting our view of God & how He works. Our challenge is to be open to finding His truth. Jesus & His Word specializes in course correction. This in message we'll look at a common misconception that says, "God Just Wants Me To Be Happy."

Twisted: "God will not give you more than you can handle"

May 14, 2015
• Length: 36:17
Do you ever get to the point in your life when you say “I just can’t take anymore.” If so join us in this message as we continue our series “Twisted” as we look at another belief that we have that is actually twisted.

Twisted: "It doesn't matter what you believe as long as you're sincere"

May 07, 2015
• Length: 39:16
We're excited to start a new, four-part message series called "Twisted". Over the next four weeks, we'll look at four beliefs that people today have credited to God, but in reality, have gotten twisted. And we'll see how easy it is for our thinking and beliefs to get twisted about what the Bible teaches.Invite a friend to watch as we begin unraveling the first twisted belief.

Victory Weekend: Steve Wingfield

Apr 30, 2015
• Length: 41:51
Steve Wingfield, a well known speaker on the NASCAR circuit will be delivering this message. Invite your friends, neighbors or any NASCAR enthusiast in this exciting podcast! You won't want to miss this episode.


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