Back To School: Baptism

Sep 03, 2015
• Length: 41:01
In this message we will continue our series, Back To School by learning the Biblical meaning of and reason for Baptism. Invite a friend to watch.

Back To School: Holy Spirit

Aug 27, 2015
• Length: 47:30
Our series, "Back To School" has focused on getting back to the basics of the Christian faith. In this message we will explore the Holy Spirit, who He is, His purpose on earth and in our lives. The Holy Spirit has a job description and the Bible is very clear on His work. Invite a friend to watch as we not only learn more about the Holy Spirit, but experience His presence in a fresh, new way.

Back To School: One Faith

Aug 20, 2015
• Length: 39:11
There are some things in our lives that are easy to talk about like why you look great in faded jeans or why you're a rock star in the shower. However there are tough things that are just easier to accept and move on. Like why the hot and ready sign at Krispy Kreme makes you pull in no matter what or your faith. Wait, is faith really one of those things that cannot be explained? Or can it? Invite a friend to watch and we will explore this thing called faith.

Back To School: The Trinity

Aug 13, 2015
• Length: 32:25
There are some issues in life too big to understand. This weekend's subject, The Trinity, says to us that there are some things in life too big for us to wrap our little minds around. Join us in this message as we begin a new series called “Back to School.” Our prayer is that during this series you will gain a clearer picture of God.

Cookout: The Preparation (4 of 4)

Aug 07, 2015
• Length: 34:01
Being prepared is a key motto of the Boy Scouts and should be the motto for our lives as believers. In life and in hosting a cookout, the preparation process is the one thing that will help lead you to a place of success. Over the past few weeks, we have talked about having the proper equipment, the right seasoning, and allowing for the proper cooking time. This week we will bring all of these things together as we talk about one of my favorite things at a cook out: the side dishes. One of the best side dishes at a summer cookout is the fresh fruit or fruit salad (yummy yummy). What’s your favorite side dish? Invite a friend to church to watch this message!

Cookout: The Preparation (3 Of 4)

Jul 30, 2015
• Length: 54:05
They say that in BBQ’ing, timing is everything. Any back yard grill master can tell you that if you turn the meat to quickly or wait to long, that perfect meal can become a disaster. There are entire books written about the importance of timing and how it can make or break the perfect BBQ. Our life decisions can be just like that BBQ. It seems we have a narrow opportunity to make just the right decision and if we miss it, lives might be ruined.

Cookout: The Preparation (2 of 4)

Jul 24, 2015
• Length: 27:45
It’s time for family, friends and barbecues. On any given summer day, you can walk outside and smell the sweet aroma of dinner cooking on the grill. For many, there is nothing better than a perfectly seasoned burger or steak. Many of us have created our own secret seasoning, and most certainly one of the ingredients will be salt. Salt enhances flavors and acts as a preservative. Salt is that one key ingredient. In this message, as we continue the Cookout series, we will discuss that perfect seasoning ingredient and what role it has in making any cookout a success.

Cookout: The Preparation (1 of 4)

Jul 17, 2015
• Length: 46:51
Summer is well under way and with the season brings a lot of hot days, and the family cookouts. Now you can throw together a cookout pretty quick, or plan for cookouts weeks in advance. No matter when you have planned for your cookout to take place there is always preparation involved. The same holds true for our life. We can plan well in advance for things to happen or we can simply make something happen in the spur of the moment. The key to making these things happen is being prepared. The key to having a great cook out is to be properly equipped for the task at hand, and the key for facing life’s challenges also involves being properly equipped. With the proper equipment on we can meet any challenge in life or on the grill. Join us in this message as we discover what equipment we need to have on hand.


Jul 11, 2015
• Length: 49:53
Is marriage God’s idea? It depends on what you mean. Yes, marriage itself is God’s idea; but not every marriage is God’s idea. Some people shouldn’t get married - at least not to each other. But the idea of marriage itself is good because it originated with God. Join us this in this message as we talk about marriage and top it off with a huge surprise.

And You Say You Love God

Jul 03, 2015
• Length: 30:14
God gave everything for you. What is God receiving from you and what are you willing to give? It's time to honor God with everything.


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