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Rebuild - "Know Jesus"

12 Apr 2017
reBuild continues with how to find our God-given identity and purpose. Most of us weren't taught as children how to build our identity and worth on Jesus Christ. So things like careers, possessions, academic achievements or sexuality become the foundation on which we build our lives. Join in this week as we look at another essential to discovering our true identity - to "KNOW JESUS".

Rebuild: "Serving"

5 Apr 2017
Jesus said, "Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant…” Clear? Yes. Understandable? Probably not. The principle of serving is not easy to accept but it is a necessary building supply for rebuilding our identity in Christ. Join us as we continue our series “reBuild.”

Rebuild: "Hope"

29 Mar 2017
We can survive without food for 40 days; without water for 10 days; without air for 3-5 minutes. But no one survives without hope.This week we continue to 'reBuild’ our God-given identity in Christ with the building supply of 'HOPE'. Misplaced hope leads to anger and depression; true hope leads to peace, joy and the abundant life. Join in as we discover a God-given secret to life!

Rebuild: "Holiness"

22 Mar 2017
00:43: 47
What comes to your mind when you hear the word holy or holiness? Join us as we look at how holiness is connected to rebuilding our identity in Christ.

Rebuild: "Community"

15 Mar 2017
Do you have a desire to be where you can see that troubles are all the same? Do you wanna be where everyone knows your name? If so, join us as we continue our new series reBuild as we discover how you can make those desires come true in life.

Rebuild - Review

8 Mar 2017
Join us as we begin a new series called reBuild. During this series, we will focus on rebuilding our identity in Christ on “The stone the builders rejected...” We kick off our series by looking back at God’s faithfulness to SFCC to help us build a spiritual foundation for our future.

A Minor Setback For A Major Comeback

1 Mar 2017
We all have stories. Stories of triumph and stories of defeat. Stories of joy and stories of pain. Every frame of our life matters to God and He wants to use it all to magnify who He is...if we allow Him. Join us as we unpack the value of our testimony, the importance of our perspective, and how God is all about taking our minor setbacks and turning them into major comebacks.

Identity: "I Am Not My Religon"

22 Feb 2017
This week we conclude our series, "IDENTITY." Join in as we take a look at how even religion can be a stumbling block to finding our purpose and true identity. More importantly, we will celebrate where true identity is found.

Identity: "I Am Not What I Own"

15 Feb 2017
Join us as we discover how the “Rich Young Ruler” placed his identity and self-worth in his possessions and learn about the resulting consequences.

Football Sunday

8 Feb 2017
Join us for a special Football Sunday! Coinciding with the big game, football weekend is full of amazing testimonies from various NFL players and their families.