Sweet Tarts - Stale Candy

Feb 14, 2021
• Length: 1:23:53
Why is it that there always seems to be that one chocolate in a box of chocolates that you expect to taste amazing, but it ends up tasting stale or doesn’t meet your expectations? Love and relationships are similar. We have an expectation of what love and our relationships should be like, but we find them falling short on the taste test. In the the final message in our two-part “Sweet Tarts” series on relationships, we explore how our views of what love is or isn’t forms how we interact within our relationships, and how we can ensure that the love we give and receive will be authentic and stay sweet.

Sweet Tarts - The Inevitable Tart

Feb 07, 2021
• Length: 1:16:42
Sweet Tarts. Next to chocolate, they’re one of the most famous Valentine candies. You may love ‘em for their sweetness or hate 'em for their tart. Our relationships with others can be like that—one moment sweet, the next moment tart. But what does love look like, especially when you're navigating tartness?

Emerged - New Year Reaching

Jan 31, 2021
• Length: 1:13:53
An Emerged New Year of Reaching is totally possible. The problem is that we feel like we must be experts to reach others. We say things like: "I’m not an evangelist, Bible scholar, pastor or counselor." That’s great because Jesus’ plan is about regular people reaching other people. Are you REACHING?

Emerged - New Year Growing

Jan 24, 2021
• Length: 1:12:39
Have you ever wanted to be a kid forever? Well there’s a place for child-like faith, but as Belongers in the Kingdom it’s God’s will that we GROW up: in humility, discipline, love, and unity. He wants us to recognize the beauty in our diversity and begins to move and groove together as one. Emerged New year growing is Growing Up God’s way.

Emerged - New Year Serving

Jan 17, 2021
• Length: 1:16:39
What are people always saying about you? Do they say "he laughs all the time," "she’s funny," or "he talks too much?" What if they said, "he/she is always serving?" In this message, discover what it means to live an EMERGED NEW YEAR life of service.

Emerged - New Year of Giving

Jan 10, 2021
• Length: 1:11:04
Balance is important in life. Balance in our spiritual, physical, and emotional lives is of utmost importance. But balance is also important in our giving and finances. Because finances follow the law of the Harvest and not the law of Pinocchio.

Emerged - One Life To Live

Jan 03, 2021
• Length: 1:13:32
It’s a new year with new opportunities to embrace EMERGED New Year Living. How do you leave 2020 behind and move triumphantly into 2021? The Apostle Paul tell us to: 1) be very wise, 2) make the most of the time we are given, 3) live with purpose, and 4) know what God wants. With these four actions you will experience Emerged New Year Living. Beware, it’s harder than it sounds.

Emerged - New Year Hope

Dec 27, 2020
• Length: 1:21:47
A new year is coming and most of us are glad to be saying goodbye to 2020. But, what are your goals in 2021 and what will you accomplish? Answer this question… Next Year, I want to do ______________? Do you have a plan of action? The Story of Nehemiah is the story of a man with a plan who EMERGED with Hope. Discover the plan of Hope God has for you in 2021.

Welcome To The Neighborhood - What Now?

Dec 20, 2020
• Length: 1:17:44
Even though it's dark outside, Christmas is coming. We've hung our lights, sent our cards, and are hopeful that the Light is on his way. But the story of Christmas doesn’t end at the manger-- because Jesus sure doesn’t. And neither do you. In this message, we discover how God has strategically sent you to share his Light. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Welcome To The Neighborhood - The Who

Dec 13, 2020
• Length: 1:22:09
There is a certain amount of excitement and anticipation in the air when you see a new neighbor moving in. You start to wonder why they moved in, where they came from, and what type of neighbor they are going to be. I can imagine there was a similar excitement and anticipation in the air with the announcement of the arrival of Jesus the Messiah coming to the neighborhood. The difference between Jesus moving in and just some other person is that Jesus is moving into the neighborhood for a who. In this message, we continue our series “Welcome to the Neighborhood” as we learn just who the who is.


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