Family Reunion - Abraham

Jul 09, 2020
• Length: 0:59:41
Family reunions! Love 'em or hate 'em, you can't escape em. Sometimes you might wonder why no one chopped down your family tree. We all have that friend with a perfect family - like the grandfather that invented sliced bread and single handedly won the second world War. Take, for instance, Jesus. Perfect family tree, right? Wrong! If you want to see just how tangled the branches of the Messiah family tree is, watch this message.


Jul 02, 2020
• Length: 01:17:53
You and I were created by God to belong. But, so often we settle for the substitutes of alienation, fitting in, and participation. Active belonging fosters passionate buy-in, deep connection, and caring that is contagion and unifying. Do you belong?

Lord Of All - Lord Of All I Have

Jun 25, 2020
• Length: 01:04:14
Matthew, Chapters 5 - 7, is where we find Jesus' 'Sermon on The Mount.' In 6:21, Jesus says, 'Where your Treasure is, there will your Heart be also.' What is your treasure? Where is it today? Is that a good place for it? I hope you will think about these questions and be ready to hear more as you listen to this message.

Children's Ministry 10 Minute Message - Talents

Jun 14, 2020
• Length: 00:12:51
In this Children's Ministry mini-message, Reenie talks about the our Talents and the best ways we can use them.

Student Ministry 10 Minute Message - Time

Jun 14, 2020
• Length: 00:15:06
In this Student Ministry mini-message, Tone talks about time.

Lord Of All - You've Got Talent

Jun 14, 2020
• Length: 00:55:28
Believe it or not, YOU have Talents, Gifts, and Abilities that God given you to be used in the Work of His Kingdom. Do you know what your special gifts are? Are you working on this and through them to grow and be more of a blessing to those around you? In this message, we continue our series, 'Lord of ALL.' This week, 'Is Jesus Lord of All your TALENTS?' When He is, you will be thrilled with what He does with you and your life. He takes the Temporary and uses it for the Eternal. I sure look forward to being with you and your loved ones this weekend to talk about and ask God to Speak to our hearts! God is Moving and He LOVES YOU!

Children's Ministry 10 Minute Message - Time

Jun 07, 2020
• Length: 00:10:25
In this Children's Ministry mini-message, Reenie talks about the our time and the best ways we can use it.

Student Ministry 10 Minute Message - Idolatry

Jun 07, 2020
• Length: 00:11:06
In this Student Ministry mini-message, Tone talks about Idolatry.

Lord Of All - Whose Time Is It?

Jun 07, 2020
• Length: 00:57:15
No matter what we are doing, time flies by us. It is amazing how quickly the phases of life are lived. That's why Psalm 90 asks God to 'Teach us to number our days' So that we may live wisely. Since true wisdom comes from God we need to spend our time close to Him. If God is truly Lord of your life, He will have control of your time.

Everything's Changed - Part Seven

May 31, 2020
• Length: 01:01:00
In this day of turmoil, fear, disease, isolation, and division -- are you living with the Peace and Joy of God's Holy Spirit in your heart? Lots of people have heard about Jesus and others even know His Story. Still, many of those have not experienced the Joy of His Forgiveness of their sins and The Power of His Holy Spirit in their lives. How about YOU? Acts 2 - They were Together - Suddenly The Holy Spirit FILLED them - They Changed their World! I want in on that!


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