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Twisted: "God will not give you more than you can handle"

10 May 2015
Do you ever get to the point in your life when you say “I just can’t take anymore.” If so join us in this message as we continue our series “Twisted” as we look at another belief that we have that is actually twisted.

Twisted: "It doesn't matter what you believe as long as you're sincere"

3 May 2015
We're excited to start a new, four-part message series called "Twisted". Over the next four weeks, we'll look at four beliefs that people today have credited to God, but in reality, have gotten twisted. And we'll see how easy it is for our thinking and beliefs to get twisted about what the Bible teaches.Invite a friend to watch as we begin unraveling the first twisted belief.

Victory Weekend: Steve Wingfield

26 Apr 2015
Steve Wingfield, a well known speaker on the NASCAR circuit will be delivering this message. Invite your friends, neighbors or any NASCAR enthusiast in this exciting podcast! You won't want to miss this episode.

The Patriot

19 Apr 2015
Throughout American history, citizens were called to stand up and defend freedom. Yet, before America was America, a group of people we now call Patriots, decided that even if it meant losing personal happiness or even their lives, they'd stand up to tyranny to create a new country. Charging into battle, they shouted "for God and Country!" Join us in this message to discover what it means to be a spiritual patriot and what it holds for the future.

First: Follow Me

12 Apr 2015
It seems we believe in America that if we invite Jesus into our heart and then go to church once in awhile, say a few prayers and read our Bible from time to time, we're good to go. But is that what Jesus intended when He said, "Follow Me"? Join us in this message as we unpack what it really means to be a Disciple of Jesus Christ.

Eternity: Heaven

5 Apr 2015
The place called heaven is just as real as the place you call home and it’s filled with real people. This message completes our series "Eternity" by looking at Heaven and it’s relation to Easter.

Eternity: What Happens When I Die?

29 Mar 2015
Nothing is as certain in our society today as death and taxes. But even death is more certain than taxes because you can always find a way to get around paying taxes! But you will never find a way around death. When your time is up, it is up. Join us in this message as we continue our series "Eternity" as we discover what happens when we die. Invite a friend to watch who may not be certain of their eternity.

Eternity: What Is Hell

22 Mar 2015
The Bible teaches that there are only two directions you can go after death: Heaven or Hell. Join us in this message as we continue our series Eternity by looking at a subject that’s not talked about much in churches today but it is a subject that people today seem to be obsessed with. Hell! Join us as we discover what the Bible teaches about Hell.

Eternity: Life After Death

15 Mar 2015
In this message, we are kicking off our new series titled Eternity that will take us right into the celebration of Easter. There's some great news for you - ever since you were conceived in your mother's womb the clock has been ticking leading you closer to death. Wow, great news, right? Well, what if I told you that there was life after death that is available to everyone? Most of the world does believe in a life after death, but only in the spiritual sense. I want to share with you in this message that the life after death that is available to you and I is much more than just a spiritual life. Join us in this message as we discuss "Life after Death: a Journey into Eternity."

Observations From The Money Road

8 Mar 2015
The reality is that our personal finances (money) have a tendency to affect our daily lives, our relationships, our marriages, and our general demeanor. The Bible is full of scripture that references money and our worldly possessions; clearly God knew of this connection. John Dix, who has been counseling people over the last 20 years in the area of personal finances, shares his observations about money and what the connection between our personal finances and our spiritual journey is.