Real Relationships : In and Out Investments

Sep 12, 2021
• Length: 1:07:38
The question of who is investing in you and who are you investing in is not new. Jethro (Moses' father-in-law) invested in Moses and in turn he invested in Joshua. God, used their investments to rescue a people and bring forth a new nation. Your investment in others and others' investment in you can transform the world.

Real Relationships : Jesus' REAL Relationship Method

Sep 05, 2021
• Length: 1:08:39
REAL Relationship seems impossible in our social media “friends” driven culture. Yet we were created to do life together through relationships. During his time on earth, Jesus modeled relationships well, and he makes REAL relationships possible. #GotRealRelationships?

Revelation: The Throne Part 2

Aug 29, 2021
• Length: 1:09:14
The Throne is Revelation’s main location, The Lamb is Revelation’s main thing and Worship is Revelation’s main activity. Why? Because Jesus is worthy. There are lots of things that we can give our 24/7 adoration and worship. But only the Main Thing is Worthy.

Revelation: The Throne Part 1

Aug 22, 2021
• Length: 1:11:19
To understand the Book of Revelation and WHAT WILL BE, you need to Start at the Throne. The Throne is where the MAIN THING resides, it’s where the main thing is modeled, and it will be where the main thing in life will be rewarded and/or judged. Don’t miss this peer into the throne room of Revelation... for Salvation awaits you there.

Revelation - Start at Home: Laodicea

Aug 15, 2021
• Length: 1:19:00
Have you ever ordered your food or beverage lukewarm? Most folks, except for Goldielocks of fairytale fame, would answer that question no. Most people like to consume their food and drinks hot or cold. Likewise, we are encouraged to possess a hot faith in Christ because lukewarm will not do. What’s your spiritual temperature?

Revelation - Start at Home: Philadelphia

Aug 08, 2021
• Length: 1:07:45
Do you ever feel overwhelmed when doing all you can to live for God? God wants you to know that He knows your situation, He is still in charge. So you can find your strength in Him.

Revelation - Start at Home: Sardis

Aug 01, 2021
• Length: 1:09:56
In this message we continue our "Revelation" Series by looking at the church of Sardis and discovering what Jesus says to a dying church...don't give up...wake up!

Revelation - Start at Home: Thyatira

Jul 25, 2021
• Length: 1:13:01
We hear the word tolerant tossed around with great pride these days. The question is tolerant of what? The key to Christian tolerance is balancing tolerance with Truth. In doing so we remember our allegiance to Christ and love for others.

Revelation - Start At Home: Pergamum

Jul 18, 2021
• Length: 1:11:16
Buying the lies of popular culture can trip you up and distract you from the MAIN THING. It’s important to know and live the truth of the Bible. The real truth will set you free. KNOW TRUTH?

Revelation - Start At Home: Smyrna

Jul 11, 2021
• Length: 1:18:27
This week’s message deal what how we respond under intense pressure and persecution. What happens when you are squeezed? How do you respond to the tough stuff in life? Jesus’ revelation/messages to the suffering church in Smyrna is a message for all of us. He is near to those hurting, no need for fear and don’t quit. Sounds like good advice to me.


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